Faster EFT Believes That Your Fears are Your Strongest Affirmations

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is something you repeat over and over in order to make it true. It needs emotion behind it – in other words, you need to feel as if it’s real; and if you don’t feel that it’s real to begin with, very often repeating it often enough will cause it to feel real. In addition to this, an affirmation doesn’t need words; it can be just the feeling.

For example, if you wanted a loving, fun romantic relationship, you could simply feel the feeling of being in such a relationship without actually verbalizing the affirmation. If you wanted more money, you could simply feel the feeling of having more money, without saying “I have an abundance of money”. Feeling is the key to the power of affirmations.

Your Fears are Your Strongest Affirmations

What is Fear?

When you fear something, your focus is on that thing – with plenty of feeling! Fear is the strongest affirmation because it’s the strongest intensity of focus and emotion – the two essential ingredients of an effective affirmation.

The more you fear something, the more powerful the affirmation. What do you fear right now? Apart from increasing your chances of experiencing the subject of your fear physically appearing in your life, you are experiencing it already – every time you think about it. You are already living your fear.

Positive Affirmations vs Fears

If you’re using positive affirmations in order to create the life you want, but you’re also spending a lot of your time feeling fear, the fear will be the stronger affirmation since it involves more intense emotions and the fight or flight stress state.

We are designed to prioritize danger and negative experiences in order to avoid them in future. When you feel fear, your body and brain are reacting as if you are in immediate physical danger.

Fear is stronger than positive emotions because it has to be – for survival purposes. In order to allow your positive affirmations to work effectively, you need to clear the fear.

Dealing with Fears – The Faster EFT Way

Removing your fears and replacing them with positive references will free you to create the life you really want. The fastest and most effective way to do this is to use Faster EFT to go directly to the original records that your subconscious is referencing in creating the state of fear.

If you’re concerned that letting go of your fears will put you in danger, read: Don’t We Need Our Fears to Keep Us Safe?

Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind

The reason you cannot make these changes using your conscious mind is that your subconscious is holding onto the data it has because it provides “proof” that the fear is necessary in order to keep you alive and safe.

No matter how positive you are consciously, your subconscious will always override the conscious mind in order to keep you safe. This is why Faster EFT works so effectively – because it works with the subconscious mind to allow it to release and let go of the need to hold onto the original data that cause the fear.

The Process of Letting Go of Your Fears

Using the Faster EFT technique, focus on your fear and feel it for the last time. Notice how you know it’s there – notice how you feel, where in your body you feel it, and just how strong that feeling is. Then follow the steps in this guide: How to Get Rid of Fear Using Faster EFT.

The more you fear, the more you have to fear. Your fears are your most powerful affirmations; freeing yourself from those fears is your top priority in creating what you desire.

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