Faster EFT Techniques to Do When You Can’t Feel Anything

The first part of the Faster EFT process is to notice how you know something bothers you – notice the feeling, what it feels like, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is. So, what do you do when you don’t feel anything at all? Sometimes we protect ourselves by blocking out the feelings of certain things. If we don’t feel, then we can’t hurt.

However, this doesn’t mean the feelings are not there; they are there, they’re just buried. The way to access them is to tap on the fact that you can’t feel anything.

2358995244_f6f385d0cf_bUse FasterEFT in the same way you would to address a problem you can feel. Instead of noticing how you feel about the problem, start by noticing how you know you don’t feel anything. Just notice the lack of feeling and how you know you’re not feeling anything. Then tap on that. Keep going back and noticing what changes – you may start to notice memories coming up; you may start to notice some feeling.

Keep going until you are able to feel something regarding the problem you want to aim at. Then, notice how you know it’s a problem – notice that feeling – and keep tapping until the negative feelings have been replaced by positive ones and any memories have flipped.

No matter what is currently preventing you from tapping – tap on that. If you’re tired, use Mental Tapping to tap on the tired feeling; if you’re feeling irritable, tap on that; if you’re feeling numb or blank or empty – tap on that.

Tap on what you know, whatever that may be; and as you do, you will start to move forward. You will start to move through the blocks and resistance, and you will start to see progress.

No matter what the issue is you want to address, if you can’t feel anything, address the fact that you can’t feel anything first – tap on that first. And then, as you clear that, you will open the way to address the problem you initially wanted to aim at.

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