Faster EFT Explains and Provide Solutions to Overcome Feeling of Failure

If you find that you keep trying so hard, and yet you keep failing, no matter what you do to make it different “this time” – you’re not alone! This is a very common problem, and there IS a solution to it.

It may feel like the odds are against you, or that there’s something wrong with you; but the truth is, you’re functioning absolutely perfectly – according to the programming that is currently running in your subconscious.

Change the programming, and you’ll find you’re seeing different results. For many people, the constant cycle of trying so hard and consistently failing becomes too much, and they finally decide to stop trying. The first step in changing this pattern is to realize that it’s not about what you’re doing, and it’s not about your skills or abilities.

Whatever you’re doing to try to make things work is affected by your core subconscious beliefs – which are caused by memories.

The great news is: turning around this pattern, and becoming a success is as simple as changing the original source of the current pattern. Now, that may seem far from simple, but the FasterEFT process has been designed to work with the subconscious to make those changes for you.

All you need to do is use it. If you really want to succeed in any area of your life, make the effort to use this technique, and you’ll find success starts to come naturally and automatically.

I Always Fail so Why Bother to Try

When is Failure a Success?

The answer to this question may appear to depend the context; but the truth is: failure is always a success.

Failing at something can help you to improve a skill or gain better understanding and knowledge. Failure can form a strong foundation for success – and this is the attitude that many self-development teachings encourage.

However, when failure is a pattern – in other words, no matter how hard you try, you end up failing where others succeed – it is far from helpful. Having said that, the ways in which you find yourself failing are all successes – based on the programming you currently carry.

Whatever results you are currently experiencing – whether “success” or “failure” – are all successes because you are successfully producing what you hold inside. If the records your subconscious is referring to contain proof that money is dangerous, and you keep trying to make more money but fail, you are successfully keeping yourself “safe” according to the evidence you currently hold.

How to Change the Pattern

The reason you keep failing even though you try so hard is because you are trying consciously – and working against a very powerful subconscious survival program. This is like trying to plug a Nokia charger into an iPhone. No matter how hard you try, you will keep failing.

You could try different angles, you could turn it around – you could watch how other people charge their iPhones successfully and try to copy them – but as long as you are using a Nokia charger instead of an iPhone charger, you will continue to fail.

As soon as you replace the Nokia charger with an iPhone one, you will automatically and easily be successful at charging your phone.

It is the same with your pattern of failure. The reason you keep experiencing the results you’re experiencing right now is because that is the program you are currently carrying. Change the program, and everything else will follow automatically.

You can change these records by using FasterEFT:

Step One

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now, see if you can find your earliest memory regarding failure or success. Think about whether you witnessed (or heard about) anyone else succeeding or failing – and notice the emotions you feel when you recall these memories. If there are several, write them down. Notice how you feel, what you see and hear in your memory – notice all of the details – then use the guidance in The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step to address these.

Once you have flipped any memories you have, go back to the last time you experienced failure. Notice how you feel, and recall the details of the memory. Then use the process again, to flip it.

From now on, whenever you notice feelings or thoughts that bother you, use the technique in the moment to clear them. If there are people around, or you’re doing something else at the time, you can use Mental Tapping.

If you keep clearing everything that bothers you, using FasterEFT, success will start to come naturally and automatically to you. Change the program and you change the problem.  

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