Faster EFT Explains If You’re Wondering Why Your Life Hasn’t Changed Yet

If you’re not seeing the changes you want to see in your life, and you’re wondering why, here are a few points to check that may help to pinpoint the problem – along with what you can do to make the changes.


In order to create the life you want, you need to have the correct coordinates programmed into your “GPS”.


In other words, the data you have in your subconscious needs to be set to match where you want to go – the kind of experiences you want from your life.


While you may consciously have the right attitude and mind-set, and you may have the conscious beliefs that support the life you want, it is your subconscious that is driving!


If You're Wondering Why Your Life Hasn't Changed...


Check List for Living the Life You Desire


  1. Do you remind yourself, whenever something bothers you, that there is no “out there” out there – and that the only way to change your experience of the world around you is to change the inside of you? Are you aware of the times when you catch yourself blaming something or someone outside of yourself for what you are experiencing? And when you do, do you use the FasterEFT process to tap it out?


  1. Take a look at your social media posts. Are your posts in alignment with your conscious decisions and beliefs? Do they reflect the fact that you are the only person you have control over, and that each person’s experiences are based on what they hold in their subconscious? If someone who didn’t know you were to read those posts, would they recognize you as an empowered individual who knows that the only reliable way to change “out there” is to change the inside of the self?


Why check your social media posts?

Your social media posts are a great insight into what you’re carrying subconsciously since you may find they clash with your conscious beliefs.


What we post on social media is often the result of automatic emotional responses – and becoming aware of these can help you to pinpoint records and memories that are preventing you from achieving the life you want to live.


When you find them, use the Faster EFT technique to clear and flip them.


  1. Are you using Faster EFT for everything that bothers you – in the moment? If not, you are continuing to carry the coordinates to the old life patterns you’re trying to replace. No matter what it is that bothers you, make sure you’re using the technique in the moment to keep cleaning the old stuff. Use Mental Tapping if you are in public or doing something that prevents you from tapping physically in that moment, but do it – and make sure you tap until the feeling, issue or memory has flipped.


  1. When you use FasterEFT, are you continuing to tap until the memory has flipped? In other words – not stopping when the emotional charge is less or even zero, but continuing until the memory itself has actually flipped. This is essential since it is the memory that is serving as the reference for your subconscious. If you want different results in your life, you need to change the records your subconscious is referring to.



The Bottom Line

The truth is:

If you’re not seeing the changes you want in your life, there’s something you’re doing that is helping you to keep the old patterns alive and well.


And whatever that is, you can choose to correct it – if you really want your life to change.


It is entirely your choice.


The choice may not be easy; you may find that you come up with all sorts of reasons why you can’t take one or more of the four steps above; and whether or not you make the decision to do it anyway will depend on just how much you want those changes.


There is nothing, absolutely nothing and no-one, outside yourself that can prevent you from making the changes you want in your life, if you are prepared to do what it takes – if you are prepared to take these four steps.


This is wonderful news as it means you don’t need to rely on anything or anyone else – the power is only inside you – even though it may not seem that way sometimes.


Try taking the steps in the checklist above, and watch what happens!


Here are a few resources to get you started:

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