The Faster EFT Gift of Change – Life Hacking Your Way to Abundance

There are plenty of teachings out there that shares ideas on how to improve your life. Faster EFT shares the Gift of Change which will help you hack through the wisdom that will teach you how to make things that appears to you as impossible, — possible.

The mind is not only complex but it also contains all the power to make positive changes in our life — mind, body and spirit. We function based on the things we hold true and valid within our minds. Without these structure of thoughts within the layers of our consciousness, it is almost impossible for a human to function and survive.

Problems arise when these thoughts lack direction and often triggered by thoughts that has negative impact both for the mind causing so many negative emotions.

Robert Smith developed FasterEFT by adopting the most effective elements of the following:

  1. Emotional Freedom Techniques
  2. BSFF – Be Set Free Fast
  3. NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  4. Spiritual Understanding
  5. Science and The Mind’s Ability to Transform Itself


Faster EFT – The Gift of Change

For those who struggle to embrace the new changes in their lives, the lessons contained in The Gift of Change can help empower and align their thoughts to a positive direction. This can lead to transformations to improve quality of life and provide spiritual direction for a radically new beginning.

Simply embracing new changes through affirmations does not work. Faster EFT will teach you how to get rid of negative memories, thoughts and imprints we hold within the subconscious to help affirmations work for you.

Faster EFT Gift of Change will allow you to understand that the changes we encounter in life are not hurdles, but a powerful gift. In times when changes are overwhelming or drive us towards a negative and unproductive mindset, the teachings contained in the Gift of Change will help you not only to cope with the changes but to ultimately use these changes to lead you towards peace, joy and abundance.

It Is Your Birthright to Thrive and Be Abundant

final-800-bw-600x600Everyone is entitled to be happy and abundant. However, we are deluded by so many negative and false beliefs forced by the society and culture over time. Faster EFT would like to help you change your common beliefs and lead you to create a more abundant life for yourself and your loved ones.

Your power is within your mind, you can create a better version of your life, a better version of you!

But first, allow faster EFT to help you uproot all memories and thought patterns you hold valid within your subconscious mind. The 7 Day Quick Start Course will help you understand the basics and it is for free.

The Art of Change will help you gain further understanding on how to embrace changes and use them to positively affect your life. There is no reason for you to feel stuck, let Faster EFT guide you how to use your own power to make changes that aligns with joy, happiness, abundance and most importantly, your purpose.

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