Faster EFT Provide the Best Solution When Dealing with Shame

Shame is one of the most painful and debilitating emotional states a person can experience. In addition to feeling horrible, it affects all areas of life – from relationships to work; from health to finances. However, there is a solution to the feelings of shame – regardless of the reasons for them.

For many, the shame they feel may be from a memory of something that happened to them; or it may be something they believe about themselves. For some people, the sense of shame comes from falsehoods they were told as a child; and even though they know these things are not true, the subconscious mind is holding onto the “reality” of shame.

No matter what is causing your feelings of shame – or even if you have no idea where it comes from – you can free yourself from them forever, using the Faster EFT technique.

Dealing with Shame

What Causes Shame?

If you think about it, there are people in the world who do terrible things and feel no shame at all; and there are others who feel shame because of things that happened to them – that were beyond their control.

Shame is not about what happened; it’s about the beliefs you hold about what happened. And these beliefs are based on the records (memories) your subconscious is referring to that dictate the necessity for shame. When you change those records, your feelings of shame will automatically disappear.

But I Deserve to Feel Ashamed

Whatever you’ve done – whatever reason you have for feeling shame – continuing to feel ashamed will never change what happened. It will never undo it, and it will never improve the situation. What it does do, is affect your every-day life, and everything you are trying to accomplish in your life.

Feelings of shame affect self-esteem, confidence, creativity, productivity, the ability to communicate with others effectively, relationships – and so much more. Carrying your shame is in no way productive or helpful; it provides absolutely no benefits at all.

It does, however, cause a lot of damage. So, regardless of your reasons for feeling ashamed, it is time to let it go now – to make the most of the rest of your life; and to offer the best version of you to the world and those around you.

How to Let Go of Shame Using Faster EFT Technique

The biggest step in successfully letting go of the feelings of shame you are carrying is to start. Taking the first step is the hardest part; once you’ve started, you can use the FasterEFT technique to let go of the reasons for feeling ashamed quickly and effectively. Start by thinking about the feeling of shame. If you can remember where it started, go back to that memory and notice everything about it – notice how you feel, how you know you feel it (where in your body do you feel the feeling) and how strong it is.

If you don’t know where the feelings of shame come from, just recall your strongest memory of feeling it. You may remember being told “You should be ashamed of yourself” when you were growing up; if so, hear it again – hear the voice, the volume and the tone of the voice. If you can remember who said it, see their face and notice the expression on it.

The next step is to use the FasterEFT technique to tap until that memory flips completely. So, make sure that you not only no longer feel the shame, but that whatever happened in that memory is no longer happening, and it has changed to something good.

This is essential since it gives your subconscious a positive record to refer to instead of the negative one.

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