Faster EFT Shows You How to Ensure Your Affirmations Work Every Time

Affirmations can be very effective, if they’re used correctly. However, since affirmations attempt to get a message to the subconscious using the conscious mind, if there is a core belief in the subconscious that “proves” the affirmation is not true, no amount of repetition will be able to convince the subconscious of the new “fact”.

The subconscious, as your health and safety officer, will always override the conscious mind when it comes to keeping you alive and safe. In addition to this, your subconscious does not use logic or reason – which means it could contain references that “prove” that things as diverse as spiders and money are a threat to your survival. And it will do whatever it takes to keep you away from these dangers.

How to Ensure Your Affirmations Work Every Time

Why are Affirmations Often Ineffective?

If your subconscious contains a record that “proves” that love equals pain – this is, as far as your subconscious is concerned, a matter of survival. It doesn’t care how much you want a happy relationship; its job is to keep you safe. It is also incapable of reasoning that being in a rewarding, healthy, loving relationship would make you happy. It only knows what it holds – that love equals pain – and it acts accordingly.

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If you were to use an affirmation such as “I am loveable” or “I deserve love” or “I am in a loving relationship” – while your conscious mind may begin to accept it (and the voices that argue “No, I’m not” may finally subsided) the subconscious mind is overriding it in the background. It is overriding it because it considers love a threat; and therefore, no amount of attempts by the conscious mind to persuade the subconscious otherwise will work – its job is to do whatever it takes to protect you. To your subconscious, this is a matter of life or death.

How to Ensure Affirmations Work Every Time

In order to allow the new affirmation to work, you need to change the original record the subconscious is referring to. For example, if the current record – that proves that love equals pain – was created from experiences of being abandoned, rejected or betrayed, you need to change those records (memories) of those experiences so that they no longer mean “love equals pain” to your subconscious.

When you change those memories and make them positive, your subconscious will be referring to different records. It will now be referring to records that prove that love is safe and rewarding.

You will then find that your experiences with love start to change automatically. In fact, you will no longer need the affirmation since you will have put it into the original record; but, of course, it does no harm to use the affirmation as well – and now, it will be in alignment with what your subconscious is referring to, which means your conscious mind will no longer be working in opposition to your subconscious.

When your conscious mind uses the affirmations “I am loveable”, “I deserve love” and “I’m in a loving relationship” – when your subconscious checks its records, there will no longer be a reason to keep you “safe” from love, which means it will automatically be able to cooperate fully, and you will find yourself in the right places at the right times, meeting the right people, with no resistance.

How to Change those Original Records

Fortunately, there is a very fast and effective technique that allows you to work directly with your subconscious in order to have it do all the work. Your subconscious knows what it holds and how each belief is structured; using the FasterEFT technique you can have your subconscious automatically access the relevant memories, and make the changes that will result in subconscious support for the affirmations you’re using.

Using affirmations for something you want, when you have subconscious memories that provide evidence that what you want is a threat to your safety, is like trying to type the changes you want made to a computer program – into a Word document. Using FasterEFT to do the job is like working with the original programmer – getting him to make the changes for you.

So, if you find you haven’t been getting the results you want from your affirmations, try using FasterEFT – and then watch the changes happen effortlessly!

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