Faster EFT Shows You How to Stop Being Judgmental

Do you find yourself being judgmental and critical – of yourself and/or others? Being judgmental and critical is more than just about reducing your enjoyment of life in general; critical and judgmental thoughts trigger the body to produce chemicals that create the feelings of being judgmental and critical.

And those chemicals have an impact on the biology of your body as well as on your cognitive thinking. You will respond differently to situations and other people, make different decisions, take different actions, and communicate differently than you would if you were not feeling critical or judgmental.

While your judgmental and critical reactions may feel like your own conscious choice, the truth is, they are automatic responses based on what you hold in your subconscious – they are not your own thinking, they are the result of programming.

How to Stop Being Judgmental

What Causes Some People to be More Judgmental than Others?

We are not born judgmental or critical; these are skills we learn – just like all of our other coping skills – in order to survive or to fit in, within our environment. Most of us unconsciously learn judgment and criticism from those who raised us – and we continue their job of criticizing us and others, where they left off.

Some people learn to criticize and judge others and themselves as a way of feeling better. It’s an odd thing, but for someone who is in emotional pain, sometimes the pain of criticism is less intense than the other pain they’re feeling. Criticism and judgment can serve to reduce emotional pain.

How to Stop the Cycle

Judgement and criticism of the self and others can have devastating effects on relationships, self-esteem and self-confidence, motivation, health, success in business and the work environment, and even on finances. It affects achievement levels in all areas of life.

While some may excuse the habit of criticizing and being judgmental as an effective way to encourage the drive to achieve, the fact that these are negative states means that the stress state the body goes into during these times can cause far more harm than good. And there are far more effective, positive ways to encourage the drive to achieve.

The fact that the practice of being judgmental and critical is the result of subconscious programming means you won’t necessarily be aware you’re doing it until it’s already done. In addition to this, you may not be able to stop yourself when you do realize you’re doing it “again”.

In order to change the habit, you need to change the original cause. You need to undo the original learning of that particular skill. Fortunately, FasterEFT can help you to work with your subconscious to change the original references that have resulted in this habit.

Start by thinking about the last time you noticed that you were being judgmental or critical – about yourself or someone else. Notice how it feels and what thoughts come to you as you remember it. Then think back to who else you knew in your life, growing up, who may have had a similar approach.

Do the words you used (in your mind or vocally) remind you of anyone? Who else would have been critical or judgmental of that situation or person? Think back to your earliest memory of this feeling. Then, use the FasterEFT technique to clear those emotions and flip that memory.

Do the same with each memory you have of someone (or yourself) being judgmental or critical. By doing this, you are changing the records your subconscious is referring to when things happen that would usually cause you to feel critical or judgmental. This means that you will start to automatically feel different, and won’t react in the same way.

Keep going until you have flipped all of those memories; and then, from now on, whenever you find yourself being critical or judgmental, instead of feeling bad or berating yourself, use FasterEFT in the moment, to clear whatever is still there that is causing the habit. If you are in public, or can’t tap physically for some other reason, use Mental Tapping instead.

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To listen to Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT) explain how the mind works, and to see examples of how FasterEFT works, visit the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

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