Faster EFT Can Teach You How to Become Your Own Therapist

There are undeniable benefits in conventional therapy when you are trying to overcome life problems. A strategy that therapists usually use to uncover a problem and to solve it is identifying common behavioral patterns.

The wonders of Faster EFT in personal development are focused on how you can assess your emotional state and overcome the problems by identifying the root cause of those negative behavioral patterns.

Before you continue reading, please do not mistake FasterEFT as a substitute to your current medication and psychotherapies if you are currently experiencing severe symptoms that require actual guidance by a licensed health professional.

Faster EFT Can Teach You How to Become Your Own Therapist

Behavioral Patterns and Your Giant Database

Your mind is a powerful computing and recording machine and the world we inhabit is an intricate and elaborate pattern-creating reality. Those are the two facts about the mind and reality you need to accept and understand.

You have been recording data since you were born, this creates your feelings of familiarity to your environment. Robert Smith, founder of Faster EFT emphasizes that we record data not only through what we see. This is where other healing processes fall short because their focus is only on visualizing, but the truth is, the entry of the data into our minds is through our sensory organs – eyes, skin, ears, mouth and nose. This is just something we have to mention before we continue because some people are trapped into thinking that memories are all visions – it isn’t so.

As we experience life, events are recorded through our senses into our minds, which creates a gigantic database of information within the mind. Even those experiences that seems so long ago are not totally forgotten, they are stored. These individual databases every person owns is where we draw associations to make sense of similar events and interpretations of current experiences. In short, it is our way of understanding the world.

All these memories, from childhood to the point of reading this, is the basis for the creation of a structure of beliefs within the mind. This causes the creation of behavioral patterns. This is how the world works, and in understanding this, you have a chance to learn how to stop negative behavioral patterns that you’ve grown accustomed with. This is an essential step if you wish to become your own therapist.

FasterEFT Reimprinting and Behavioral Patterns

The Faster EFT System is so good at understanding this pattern and everyone who is using FasterEFT now understands how to interpret their negative behavioral patterns when it surfaces and collapse it right from the source.

Getting to the root of the problem is not the final problem solving stage, it is merely the beginning. You may discover that your anxiety is actually rooted from a trauma you experienced when you were five years old, but what do you do with this newly discovered information?

Other healing methods may involve making you understand that it is already in the past while you are prescribed medication to suppress the symptoms when a memory is triggered.

Another healing modality, such as Matrix Reimprinting would require that you subscribe to their belief system that your trauma produced a fragment of self (ECHO) – a part of self that is trapped within the “Matrix” and is still currently experiencing emotional “peaks” and “lows” of the trauma. To resolve the issue using Matrix Reimprinting, you need to go to each ECHO through visualization and resolve it individually until you find what you can pacify them by talking to them, and tapping on the ECHO using Traditional EFT and offer a resolution.

In this case, try to picture how many ECHOs you may have produced throughout your life and address them one by one. Another reason this healing process may fail to deliver lasting results is the fact that, as we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, that the entry of data stored within our mind is not only visual or the fact that some people may find visualizing difficult because they do not have such ability.

In FasterEFT though, there is no such belief that a trauma or negative experience can cause you to become shattered. The self is whole, and you will continue with this life as a whole being. In short, no fragment of you, imagined or actual, can be existing within any other space and time besides your “now.”

The reason FasterEFT can teach you to become your own therapist is because it understands that these negative behavioral and emotional patterns can be collapsed through memory reimprinting. It is a process in FasterEFT wherein your negative memories are changed into a more pleasant memory to collapse the structure of negative emotional and behavioral patterns.

It is common sense actually. Ask yourself, how can a negative behavioral pattern be assembled and actualize if there is no foundation? This is why Faster EFT memory reimprinting and tapping is widely used among self-healing process to treat a wide range of chronic illnesses and also a belief system that can help people achieve sustainable happiness.


If there is magic that can pull you out of false and negative patterns on a daily basis it is undoubtedly FasterEFT. It not only reduces stress responses of the body but can quickly resolve an issue from the source.

We always dream of little miracles unfolding in our lives. Becoming your own therapist is one that can provide you with tiny miracles as you pull out of each negative behavioral and thought pattern to hugely contribute to your overall wellbeing.

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