Faster EFT Technique [Infographic]

FasterEFT is designed in to change our mental programming within our subconscious mind.


For problems to manifest there must “proof”, in Faster EFT this pertains to the record of an experience. It is how we feel about any particular event or tangible object that ultimately make a problem a “problem”. It is the feelings that make them real and experiential.


How it works

The Faster EFT technique within the infographic below guide you to the points to tap to interrupt the signal between the brain and the body organs, using the meridian points associated to those organs. Doing so, you can rewrite a reference memory associated with what triggers a negative emotion.

For a more detailed process, please click here.


fastereft-step-by-step infographic

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  1. After all the years iv been following you robert and tapping away a lot 🙂 which I thank you for ..am so happy to see this easy to understand and follow graft and I know realised iv been missing out one step all there’s years ..after saying peace I haven’t been going to a peaceful memory…iv saved this and am going to start tapping again ..I think il print this out and put it on my wall..I love you brother..peace and many blessing to you

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