Faster EFT Tips to Combat Holiday Depression and Stress

The Holidays are meant to be a season of joy and bliss. However, for the majority of us, the anticipation of the festive season often brings unwelcome guests – depression and stress. All the parties, shopping, food preparations, decorating, tidying and entertaining are just some of the causes of the chaos that stems in our minds.

With the Holidays fast approaching, get ready to tap the stress away with FasterEFT. As you may already know, FasterEFT can help you get rid of stress even before it sprouts. This way you can enjoy the Holidays with a true sense of merrymaking without the fuss.


The following are some practical Faster EFT tips to reduce holiday depression and tress:

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Your feelings are your guide. Your emotional compass is an important aspect of living, but it’s not only a guide for what you should do in the future. If used properly, your feelings can guide you back to the source of your problems within. You can use your emotional compass to decipher why you are easily stressed – perhaps you may be guided to a memory of a previous experience that is the basis of that stress. You can then use Faster EFT tapping to tap those memories away.

During the holidays, give yourself a break. Now that doesn’t mean that just because it’s the Holidays you should force yourself to go to every party, every sale, every outing. If you need rest, claim the rest. Apologize to those who invited you and be honest if you are stressed with yourself and need a break. There is a good chance that they will understand, if they don’t, then don’t take their (oftentimes negative) behavior towards to be your own fault. Remember, you are in control.

2. Kill loneliness – Reach out

If you feel isolated and you don’t have many friends or are staying away from family, seek out a community who might have events during the Holidays that you can participate in.

The holidays can be lonely for some people, especially those who do not have an active social life. But that does not mean the Holidays have to be no fun. Take this opportunity to learn new things about yourself and discover your ability to mingle and find a group that accept you. The world is ready to make friends with you, you just need to take the initial step.

Volunteer at your favorite charity, or start your own book club! Whatever it is – really indulge your passions and soon enough you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people.

3. Be reasonably realistic

Drop the idea that each Holiday needs to be perfect or happier than the previous year. There is no competition among Holidays in your life. Things change and you need to adapt to the changes within your family. If you are a parent with adult children, it is better to accept the fact that your kids are not really kids anymore and their responsibilities might be keeping them from visiting you this season. Some parents find it hard to let go of old memories and wish to live in the idea of the past, when their kids were still small and Christmas trees were tall.

Try the FasterEFT tapping style to help you let go of the memories causing you to feel sad this season. Best, before it even starts.

4. Let go of hate, anger and differences

As families gather during this season, it is hard to avoid friends and relatives that you wish you could just avoid.

As the season to be merry continues, so does the season to be angry for some people! Allow this Holiday to be your last holiday hating some family members or friends.

5. Stick to what you can afford

Before you head out gifts and start on that massive grocery list, make sure of your financial status. Happiness is never bought in stores. Decide on your holiday budget and stick to it. Include everything that you might have to spend on, in the present or the future.

You don’t need to go all out and buy everyone’s favorite present. Stick with simple, practical gifts that can mean something to those you love.

The magic of giving is powerful for your mental health. When we express how we feel through a gift, our minds relax and we feel good. Don’t make gift giving cause you to feel the opposite. If you stress on the gift giving, you have a chance of ruining those feel-good effects.

6. Give the gift of FasterEFT to family and friends

The best gift you can really give a friend or a family member is the gift of being liberated from their problems. So, whether they are experiencing chronic pains, suffering from addiction, easily stressed or need help in changing their mindsets about money, introduce them to FasterEFT. Maybe you can share this blog with them or buy them a course.

For anyone who has been through a lot in 2016 or the past few years, give them a brighter and merrier 2017 by helping them overcome their life’s hurdles.


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7. Be prepared to make adjustments

Be prepared that not everything on your list of planned activities will happen exactly as you want. You can’t force people to conform to your idea of what the Holiday season should be like. Remember, we all operate with unique mindsets. It is very noticeable that those people who are easily stressed are those people that usually like to impose control over others.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you are among the group of people who are controlling in nature, you are setting the stage for disappointment. Learn how FasterEFT can help change your mindset, by learning how we all operate differently and uniquely to allow change. Start with yourself.

8. Warning: Overindulgence

This is usually the time when people pack on a few extra pounds. Those who enjoy the Holidays for the yummy treats and never ending food. Don’t let the Holidays become your license to eat as much as you can by indulging in unhealthy food choices. Parties are not an invitation for overeating.  Eat only what you think is enough for your body. Stop blaming the Holidays for gaining an extra pound and start taking responsibility.

Change the way you think about food during the Holidays is key to keeping that extra weight off for good.


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9. Buy yourself a gift

Don’t just buy everyone you know a gift, buy yourself a gift as well! It doesn’t have to be something extra special or expensive, but something that reminds you that you love yourself too. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and stepping outside the mentality that if you care for yourself, that means you’re narcissistic.

The best thing to get yourself this Holiday season is really creating change in your life that has an impact. Start by becoming a FasterEFT Level 1 practitioner, if you aren’t already.

Get yourself the Ultimate Training Course and begin greater progress as you welcome the new year.


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10. Seek help if stress is overtaking your life

If you think that the symptoms of stress are more than what is “normal,” then there must be something that needs attention from a professional.

Robert Smith offers telephone and online sessions that can help you get through the holidays with ease.


Book a Faster EFT Session with Robert Smith

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