Faster EFT Tips in Creating an Effective New Year’s Resolution

How many times have you created a New Year’s Resolution and weren’t able to stick with it? Faster EFT offers you tips on how you can create a better list and stick to it.

New year’s resolutions are great. They are an awesome way to start a new beginning. However, the list has to be realistic. If you are 100% in agreement with adopting a better lifestyle and a new version of yourself, you need to understand that writing it down will not make any difference.

The single most important thing in life transformations is taking action. Faster EFT is your home for change and transformation. It offers techniques that will help you get rid of old habits and achieve a healthier version of yourself.

Faster EFT Tips in Creating an Effective New Year’s Resolution

The following are some of the ideas you must consider when creating an effective new year’s resolution:

1. Resolve Issues

Resolutions are created to resolve issues. Step out of the mentality that it is simply a family or cultural thing. The more you think of it as just a tradition to begin the new year with, the easier it is for you to break it sooner or later.

When we say resolutions, there must a deeper understanding about what it is you are resolving. Say for example, you want to lose weight. It’s best you write it down your new year’s resolution as – “achieve  my ideal weight.

Why? This is because it helps in your mental programming. You need to program the mind properly in order to resolve any issue to do with behavior and lifestyle. Otherwise, your mind will perceive it only as phrase used in daily life, with no importance attached to it. Hence, no changes will occur.

If during your inner self-dialogues, you speak to yourself about how nice it is to be able to achieve your ideal weight, it will be more effective in helping you attain that goal, rather than saying to yourself “lose weight!”


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This holds true for any issue. Another example is to quit smoking. Telling yourself that want to quit smoking is a great start, but you have to dig deeper into the mind and find the source of the impulse to smoke and learn how to collapse it.

Faster EFT offers techniques on how you can overcome any form of addiction, from mild to severe forms and let go of old behaviors that are becoming hurdles in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

2. Make More Money

This is probably among the most common New Year’s resolution that most people desire. To be wealthy. Often wealth is confused with success. Both are not synonymous. Being wealthy is amassing a fortune and being successful means having the ability to achieve desired goals in life and feeling fulfilled.

Making more money is possible, but like any life problem, you need to locate what is it that makes you live with a scarcity mentality. What makes you feel poor is probably what is keeping you poor. In order for you to make more money you need to decide whether you are ready to let go of the values that keep you trapped within mindsets that cause you to feel poor and earn less.

Hack into the mind and discover growth mindset with FasterEFT. The Faster EFT system can help you gather the necessary resources that you need to propel your life to success and reach your optimum earning potential.


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3. Simply Let Go!

Let go, not only of the previous year, but also of the years before it. Let go of all that negativity you have accumulated in the past years, the anger, the hate and the mindsets that do not contribute to your overall success.

Letting go is easier said than done. This is because of the emotional values we attach to a particular memory.

Faster EFT memory reimprinting is a great tool that anyone can apply to reimprint memories and release the accompanying emotions. You will still be you even if you reimprint painful memories. You will still have the same past, because no one can change your previous life experiences.

What it does is change your perception about how you feel, what you believe and how you replay those unworthy memories of your past, to help you realize a better tomorrow. The past is inexistent, it only exists within the mind and produces emotions that makes it appear real.

In creating a New Year’s resolution, make it a point to create a list wherein negative emotions are no longer involved. Resolve your inner issues and find possible resources and ways to achieve your goal.

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4. Have Realistic Expectations

One thing that makes a lot of people break their New Year’s list of resolutions is when they set their expectations too high. There is nothing wrong in trying to master your “self” but it must be within realistic bounds.

Meaning if you want to lose weight, why not try doing it incrementally and record your success. For example, x number of pounds in x number of weeks. Be realistic.

When expectations are unrealistic, the mind will automatically assume that it isn’t working and the rest follows.

Make sure that you condition your mind for the changes you wish to happen, because once conditioned, it is easier to follow a plan to achieve success.


Faster EFT is a great tool that you can use to make sure that you stick with the things you wish to resolve for the coming year. But always remember that as we go on living, we must welcome life transformations at any point in the year.

New year’s resolutions are all about mindsets – changing your mindset towards any particular subject will create a great impact in your life. Affirmations are great, but always remember that the power of affirmations rely on the emotional charge of each thought that your mind produces.

Affirmations with thoughts that have negative emotions attached to it will halt the manifestation of a good outcome.

As we welcome another year, remember that your life is not bound by the days, weeks, months and -years of any calendar system. Life is forever unfolding, regardless of the date.


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