Faster EFT Tips on Overcoming Post-Election Stress

When changes in any political landscape occur, people always seem to be divided. The recent results of the US Elections has brought about a new meaning to the word ‘Change’. People are not only stressed about what might happen under Trump’s leadership, but also on how to move forward as a nation in an era of such great division – personally, emotionally, politically and ideologically.

Anyone following the news closely feels like something must be done to stop the riots and other acts of violence. While we wait, and see the turn that events take, the majority of the people are no doubt highly stressed.

It is more important that we gain personal insights on how to handle and manage this mounting stress and anxiety caused by the election rather than continuing in a highly stressed state.


Faster EFT on Collective Trauma

Currently the majority of the people in the United States and many around the world, are experiencing collective trauma. Collective trauma happens when a large group of people across societies are under high mental stress and tension due to an event. In today’s case, the result of the election. In other words, collective trauma is an interruption in the social and moral command.

Whether you are in opposition to Donald Trump’s victory or not, there is no doubt that the current unstable situation can bring you stress. Even if you are personally neutral about the result, you can get highly stressed as you contemplate things that you hear from the news on TV, feeds on your social media and most probably neighborhood talks.

As people continue to have real fears rooted within the political landscape, Faster EFT remains strong in the belief that your stress level must be your primary concern right now more than any news you hear. Not that you shouldn’t care about your country, but the fact that you will be able to think better and not forget things that truly matter to you if you keep stress at bay.

Don’t miss out on your responsibilities. Continue to see life as an ever-changing landscape by discovering inner peace and promoting wellness so that you can be more productive and serve other people with a real purpose.

Here are some Faster EFT Tips that will help you overcome post-election stress:


1. Focus on Love

Focus more on love than ever before. Focus more on loving your neighbors and do not let the idea of being divided enter your head. Love the diversity you are in and embrace it with all your heart. The thing is, as you continue hearing and watching negative things you see on social media and television, it might have you convinced to take sides.

It is not the best thing right now. The best thing you can do is generate compassion from within for everyone. Generating love and compassion does wonders to bounce back from a highly stressed state.

2. Tap the Negative Thoughts Away at the Heat of the Moment

Don’t wait until you are highly stressed before you tap on stress triggers about the election. Tap on them the moment you feel it is there, in the heat of the moment or before it heats up. Whether you are caught up in a conversation wherein you need to take a stand, best that you tap right then and there.

Use mental tapping if you can or if you are too preoccupied, focus on your breathing. Better not take a stand and be involved in an argument. In reality, an argument will hardly change anything, it will just add up to the chaos.



3. Stop Watching and Reading the News

Of course, you have this urge to be informed, if you can keep it at minimal it would be best. Maybe a few headlines or articles but do not get glued on the news whether on TV or Social Media. Every thought that is unpleasant will trigger your mind to go into a highly stressed state, the more news that triggers negative emotions will cause it to pile up. The next thing you know, you are highly stressed, but because news can be addictive learn how to ween yourself off it.

The key here is to really start training yourself to avoid anything that can trigger negative emotions.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Don’t lock yourself up at home and focus on the news, don’t fear the outside world. If you are at the stage wherein you feel that outside is the not the safest place to be. Ask someone you know who is neutral about the election result and take a walk. If you are still in fear mode, use the Faster EFT Tapping style to get rid of the fear.

5. Collapse the Cycle of Negative Thoughts

Faster EFT is the #1 stressbusting system today and the reason behind that is because it can help you collapse the negative thought cycle. In reality, when you are highly stressed, your mind exaggerates everything and it signals the negative thought cycle to magnify a problem then blow it out of proportion.

That part of your brain called the amygdala, is really great at doing this. The best thing to do is before a cycle or a thought pattern is created, is to collapse it through the Faster EFT process. Be free, you deserve it.

6. Do Better

Just because this election is frustrating you that doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope and you should just give up on life. Do better and start holding yourself to a higher standard whether at work or when executing simple tasks.

If you understand how the mind operates clearly and how our experiences are connected, any negative emotion that you are currently going through because of the election will trigger other negative emotions you hold valid and true within the subconscious.

The mind can blow things out of proportion within a matter of seconds. Because of this you will begin to lose hope, then the next thing is you not wanting to do your best.

This life is not all about the election, this life is about you winning every single day.

 7. Self-care is a priority

If you are starting to miss out on things that matter to you, especially in the area of self-care, please drop whatever you wish to do after reading this article.

Tap the other things away before this becomes a habit of neglecting the most important in person in your life – you.

8. Stop Catastrophizing, Stop it Right About NOW!

Catastrophizing – meaning making or thinking something is worse than it actually is, is a very common but bad habit in people. Say for example, you find a mole on your arm, you immediately think it’s cancerous or you’re going to need an amputation, how will you pay for it etc.

Although it might “seem” normal for some people because it’s how they see the world, it is very unhealthy. Repeat, catastrophizing is very unhealthy. It is unhealthy not only for the mind, but both the body and the spirit as well. When you catastrophize the election result and Trump as your president, it’s like opening the floodgates of the mind to send torrents of adrenaline and cortisol pumping throughout your entire body.

The next thing you know, more negative thought patterns are surrounding an idea that does not exist. Just stop and learn how to transform your mind from this very negative mental behavior, to a more productive one.

9.  Focus on Happiness and Gratitude

This always works wonders. Instead of spending hours and hours on the news, have you thought of a happy journal? Faster EFT Happy Journal does amazing things in changing negative mental patterns and in helping you realign back to joy and happiness.

It is scientifically proven that people who practice gratitude have the least tendency to be stressed.

10. Perform an Act of Kindness When You Go Out

It’s already chaotic out there, boost your mind and spirit by performing a random act of kindness. Actually, you should be practicing this even though are not experiencing collective trauma.

The truth is, if you practice kindness, you boost your mind by filling it with positive experiences, and positive experiences are a great source of thought structure and pattern you can use in reimprinting over negative memories.

There is nothing more empowering than knowing that you are a kind human being capable of compassion in times of a challenge. Those tiny moments of kindness are the type of memories you can go back to when you feel like the world is working against you.

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