The Truth About the News – And How Faster EFT Can Help You to Ween Yourself Off It!

We all know that listening to, watching, and reading the news can have a powerful negative effect on us. It affects not only our mood, but our health and decisions as well. However, one of the reasons we give for exposing ourselves to it is: “I need to know what’s going on in the world!”

But, when you ask yourself why you need to know, you may find that a weak argument. Certainly, it’s important to know about world events that will have an impact on your own life or what you could do for others.

But knowing the details of tragedies that have happened to people you don’t know and can’t help, serve no purpose.

All that does is cause pain, stress, fear and other negative effects – in your own life.

Why Do You Need to Know

The Addiction

Watching, reading, and listening to negative news is addictive. Every time you expose yourself to something that causes a negative emotion in you, your cells are getting a “hit” of chemicals.

These stress chemicals provide a burst of energy since they’re designed to help us fight or run away. And as we produce regular supplies of these chemicals, our cells grow additional receptors for them.

This means they need more of the molecules from the chemicals – to “feed” those new receptors. This is experienced by the individual as an impulse to expose themselves to more of whatever produces those chemicals. You’ve probably heard of the term “adrenaline junkie” – it doesn’t apply only to physical adventure experiences.

Each time you feel a negative emotion – notice the sensations in your body. What you’re feeling (and what your conscious mind is interpreting as emotion) is the effect of the stress chemicals coursing through your bloodstream.

Every time you find yourself justifying why you should watch the news or read a negative article, you are finding ways to justify that hit. If you can’t stop allowing yourself to be exposed to negativity, chances are you have an addiction to the stress chemicals.

The Solution

The first step in any addiction is recognizing it. Take an honest look at the reasons you give yourself for exposing yourself to negativity. Unless you are able to help the victims of an event, or are prepared to take action to change the law, there is no need for you to focus on it.

The most you need to know is the basic headlines. And even then, there’s no need to dwell on them. There’s no need to discuss them or focus on them in any other way – unless you can help. And if you can help, then feeling stressed about it won’t be useful. You’ll need to be in a calm state to be of benefit.

The second step is to use FasterEFT to change the structure in your subconscious that is supporting your current addiction. For more details on addressing addiction, visit the Addiction category or watch the FasterEFT and Addiction Playlist on YouTube.

For more information on how the subconscious records are created read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems and What Determines Your Character and Personality.

To watch others who have benefited from FasterEFT watch the videos in the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

Article by: Robert G. Smith

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