How to Use FasterEFT When Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed can have a variety of adverse effects on the body, mind, and all areas of life. Overwhelm is not just about having too much on your plate; it’s about being unable to organize what you have.

If you think about it, there are people who have an extraordinary amount to deal with, and who are able to keep it organized and remain productive. And there are others who have much less, but are overwhelmed. So, what’s the difference?

Dealing with Overwhelm

What Causes Overwhelm?

Although it may seem at first that the person who is coping – and productive – despite a huge load is somehow better than the one who is overwhelmed by very little. But the truth is, they have different skills based on the records held in their subconscious.

In addition to this, the one who is able to cope with a large load is generally in a calmer emotional state while the person who is overwhelmed is in a state of stress.

Stress has a wide range of effects on the brain and body. Among these is the shutting down of the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain responsible for cognitive thinking. This means that whenever you are in a state of stress, you are literally not able to think clearly. The reason behind this is because that part of your brain is not working effectively. This means that no matter how much you try to organize and cope with what you have to deal with, the part of your brain that is used for these tasks is offline.

Vicious Circle

Once you are in a stressed state, the more you try to cope with what you feel overwhelmed by, the more stressed you feel. And since you are unable to think clearly, the feeling of overwhelm increases. The more the overwhelm increases, the more stressed you become. And so, it continues. This makes it a top priority to do whatever it takes to get into a calm, balanced state. A calm, balanced state will bring your prefrontal cortex back online, so that you can start thinking more clearly. This will lead to the ability to organize, comprehend and process information far more efficiently. You will be able to see solutions and opportunities you were unable to see before.

How to Deal with Overwhelm

The cause of the stress state that results in the overwhelm is the data held in your subconscious. For more information on this, read: The REAL Reason for All Your Problems and What Determines Your Character and Personality? Changing this data will result in an automatic change in your emotional state.

For example:

Jamie is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work she has. Every time she thinks of it, she feels anxiety, and doesn’t know where to start. She’s tried to get organized, but it seems she just moves stuff around rather than actually getting it organized. It’s reached the point where she dreads going into work each day, and is starting to get ill.

Jamie decides to change the records in her subconscious, using FasterEFT. Since FasterEFT works directly with the subconscious to change the data it holds, Jamie doesn’t even need to know what those records are. She asks herself the following questions:

Q: How do I know I’m overwhelmed?

A: Because every time I think of work, I feel stressed, and I don’t even know where to start. I can’t get organized.

Q: What happens inside me when I experience this?

A: My heart feels like it’s racing; I feel anxious; In my mind, see the piles of documents I don’t know what to do with that are sitting on my desk; I don’t want to go into work, I just feel frozen and unable to do anything.

Q: When have I experienced this before?

(Jamie thinks back to see if she recognizes these feelings and experiences from the past. They may not have anything to do with work, but they will remind her of this experience)

A: When I was 11 years old, my parents divorced. I was torn between them as they each complained to me about the other. I felt the same overwhelm and frozen feeling.

Now, Jamie uses the FasterEFT process to address that memory. As she clears the emotions and other aspects of that memory, she keeps tapping until the memory completely flips. She also makes a note of any other memories or thoughts that come to her while she’s tapping, and addresses those next.

Once she has completely flipped any memories that came up, Jamie goes back to the original problem. She thinks about work, and notices what happens inside her.

While she does this, Jamie notices that the feeling of overwhelm is significantly lower, but there’s still a bit left. She simply notices how she knows it’s there, and then taps again. Jamie keeps repeating the FasterEFT process until she can no longer find the feeling of getting overwhelmed.

She no longer feel stressed when she thinks of her work; and she can no longer see in her mind, the piles of documents that she doesn’t know what to do with. Instead, she has flipped what she was experiencing, to a feeling of being organized and competent; and she can’t wait to get to work to sort it all out.

What’s Happened in Jamie’s Brain?

Using FasterEFT to change the records (memories) in her subconscious has caused her brain and body to get into a calm and balanced state. By changing the reference that caused the overwhelm, she has changed future responses as well.

In addition to this, the calm state has brought her prefrontal cortex back online, and Jamie is now able to think more clearly and efficiently. When she goes back into work, the calm state and improved cognitive thinking will allow her to easily work out solutions and to organize and process information.

For detailed guidance on using the FasterEFT process, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

To see FasterEFT in action, watch the videos on the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

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