FasterEFT: 5 Really Bad Habits You Should Quit

Sometimes it can feel like you’re cursed when it comes to getting ahead in life. Many people find that, no matter how hard they try to avoid certain bad habits, they seem to be “haunted” by them.

Whether it’s attracting the same kind of (undesirable) traits in a person, or experiencing repeated rejection, disrespect, or a range of other problems, there’s a reason for it. Understanding this reason will help you to free yourself from this trap completely!

Here are 5 tips you can use along with FasterEFT to help you quit habits that hold you back:

1. Seeing and expecting the worst

You may be thinking why anyone would focus on what is wrong rather than what is good.  It is because we are conditioned to do so by our culture, society, environment, how we’re raised etc. A good memory has a history attached to it.

For example, you had a loving experience with your spouse or partner while a certain song was playing. Now whenever that song is played, you get triggered and recall that your spouse or partner cheated on you, or left you or died.

We all do this without knowing that we do it. Learn to keep your good memories good without attaching negative connotations to them. Watch this to learn how:

2. Past life and living out the sins of your past

What the FasterEFT belief system teaches is that all our beliefs come from memories ingrained within our subconscious mind. They are held as records which are used for reference to make sense of the world we live in.

There are many beliefs we learn and pick up that support or validate the problems we currently face. When you realize that the past is over and all that you have is the present, then you can really begin the healing.

We can’t change the past, but we can make peace with it and move on. Robert explains more about it here:

3. Escaping using distractions

FasterEFT is a thinking process that aims to educate and empower individuals. It also teaches you how to shift perceptions, which results in the ability to heal your body, improve relationships and make peace with your past memories.

We know this because we’ve seen it work with hundreds of people time and time again. There is only one way out that really works. Doughnuts, cookies, beer, drugs, or staying busy will give you temporary relief but it never gives you the way out.

This video demonstrates how you can manage your life on many levels including cravings, weight issues, self-esteem, pain control, relationships and other areas of your life. Watch this video here to learn about the mentality behind escapism:

4. Procrastination

This is a tough habit to get rid of. It’s something the majority of the people struggle with. You have every intention of getting up getting to work, but for some reason, there’s something holding you back. That ‘something’ is a program running in your mind, stored within the subconscious mind.

This process of transforming the issue is  referred to as memory reimprinting. This process of aiming is not replaying the bad habit or memory, but aiming to change it with the FasterEFT tapping technique. Robert explains more here:


5. Free yourself from Jealousy

The truth is, your jealousy and other negative emotions are part of what is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Jealousy, like all negative emotions, cause the “fight or flight” stress response to be activated in the body.

And while your body is in this state, you are not functioning optimally. Apart from anything else, your cognitive thinking is impaired during this state – which means you are not able to see things as objectively as you are when you are in a more balanced emotional state.

Your reasoning, logic, problem-solving skills and the ability to see solutions and opportunities are all affected. What if you could maintain a balanced, happy state regardless of what others are doing around you?

You would have more energy and your ability to see opportunities (and take advantage of them) and solutions, would be enhanced; and you would achieve more. Watch Robert talk about it here:


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