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Your unconscious mind is a “Law of Attraction Machine.” No doubt, Faster EFT keeps on proving the value of fixing the mind and aligning with our thoughts. A healing modality like FasterEFT, is not only focused on mental and physical healing, but can also help you become more successful and make more money.

Robert Smith is a very well-known life and success coach globally, a sought after inspirational speaker with many accomplishments in delivering the most effective mind, body and spirit healing process – FasterEFT. The secret to his success is being grounded in compassion, liberating people from the most common to the most complex life problems, and enabling them to structure sustainable happiness within their lives.

In order to give you a greater understanding of the Faster EFT belief system, it can be easy to assume that it is more focused on liberating people from chronic pain, invisible diseases, psychological disorders, traumas and other stress-related life issues.

However, Robert has made it obvious through his videos, live trainings and interviews that the power to create abundance in our lives lies within the mind. Being rich is a mindset, happiness is a mindset and in absolution – making more money is a mindset.

Nonetheless, to make that possible, you need to break the restraints of ignorance which cause you to fall into thinking that abundance is coming from external circumstances.

How Attraction Really Works

The power of the law of attraction is undeniable, but without clearing and collapsing the structure of negative thinking, you can “will” yourself to think positively all day, every day, but it won’t work.

You may notice that you are only able to manifest those things, desires and wishes that you have no negative emotions about. For a second, think about the human mental structure as a spider’s web. You can try to “will” the whole web to think positive and use visualization techniques to change the emotions within the web.

But, if there are a few strands within the structure of the web that have negative foundations based on negative thoughts, the emotions charging those thoughts will create automatic links to other mental patterns causing an inability to remain positively stable.

robertsmithFaster EFT Wealth Attraction

FasterEFT is a powerful system that helps people make profound changes in their lives, stregthen both personal and professional relationships.  Learn to break free from the money ball and chain tying you down! Create positive responses to bills and spending habits that are healthy and sensible. Faster EFT is a collection of cutting-edge techniques and processes that can be used by anyone to release life’s biggest problems, past traumas, emotional issues, bad habits, money problems, chronic pain, or even disease in the body.

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In other words, if you want to become rich, you need to convince the mind to adapt to a mindset of wealth, making money or abundance. Without doubt, without fears and without shame. An ounce of doubt, fear and shame can lead to an inability to reach your ultimate goal.

The tricky part is that these thought structures aren’t something you can simply “will” into becoming positive, because they are not housed within the conscious mind. The forerunner of our thoughts are our memories from previous experiences stored within the subconscious. To be exact, memories since we were born. Our experiences, especially those that are charged with emotions play a dominant role in how we identify joyful and happy experiences as well those that cause us to feel fear, hate, jealousy, envy, etc.

In short, our ability to shape our future relies on how we cling to negative thoughts caused by previous experiences. Faster EFT techniques and thinking systems can do that exactly for you.

Since the Law of Attraction is always in action in our lives, whether you believe or deny it, your thoughts lead you to receive exactly what you expect and believe to be true.

If you believe that getting rich is impossible, then you are among the majority of people who will never break through this thinking and sadly not become rich.

Why Faking It Can Lead to More Negative Thought Structure?

In applying other teachings on how to attract more money and abundance, “Fake it ‘til you make it,” is probably the most questionable. The thing is, you cannot fake reality, you can accept it and mindfully take actions. Faking your actions and feeling that you are already rich when your environment and bank account does not agree will only lead to an eventual creation of more negative thought structure.

Worse still, your mind will dispel the idea of law of attraction.

The best and only way to really attract abundance and money into your life is to collapse the structure of thoughts that is keeping you from attracting it. Releasing your fears to take action, will improve your confidence and boost your mental power, enabling you to take risks and promote creativity.

It is guaranteed that things will become easier, the flow of money and opportunities will increase and a steady stream of opportunities that will eventually lead to wealth will always be present. This is how the world works.

Again, we end this post on the same note as we began – Your unconscious mind is a “Law of Attraction Machine.” Only the Faster EFT thinking system can make sure that machine works towards leading you to abundance, to wealth and to happiness.

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