From Stress, Sadness and Shame to Happiness – FasterEFT and Kids – Sara’s Story

Sara Prové is a speech therapist who works with kids between the ages of 13 and 21 years old. These are children with moderate mental retardation who are being prepared to work within a safe environment; and Sara supports them in the classroom as well as providing individual sessions.

In the one-to-one sessions, Sara uses FasterEFT in order to help her young clients change their life experiences – quickly and effectively.

FasterEFT and Kids - Sara's Story

Five Examples of Using FasterEFT with Children

The names of the children have been omitted to protect their privacy; but the rest of the details are accurate.

He Became Ill to Avoid the Stress of Being Seen

Case 1 was a 15-year-old boy who had a problem with being seen with the other pupils when going to the shop, the city, or to see a movie. He didn’t want to be associated with “this group of pupils” because some of them act strangely, talk too loud, don’t dress well, and attract attention because of their strange behaviour.

This became a particular problem during the “home classes” – a week of out-of-school activities. Before the last home classes this young boy became ill because of the intensity of the stress he was experiencing in anticipation of having to be out with the group for an entire week.

This year, before the week of home classes, Sara asked the pupil if she could help him with this stress. He agreed, and after the session was over; not only was the stress completely gone, leaving him happy and smiling, but he actually enjoyed the home classes week!

Sadness and Shame Transformed

Case 2 – an eighteen-year-old boy who felt sad and ashamed after the bombing at Brussels airport in March 2016. Although he was born and raised in Belgium, his parents are both Pakistani, and every time something happens that is related to IS (Dash), he feels and sees that people are looking at him and judging him because of his appearance.

After the bombing in March, this young man was at a railway station when two teenagers made a judgmental comment that caused him to feel self-conscious and sad.  He wanted to feel better, and agreed to work with Sara on this memory to clear it. Sara used FasterEFT to help him to clear and flip the memory; and he remarked on how light and happy he felt after the session, adding: “You really are some kind of therapist!”

Grief and Loss of a Beloved Grandfather

Case 3 was a 15-year-old girl who had lost her grandad two years before, and was still grieving – she hadn’t been able to get through the bereavement and was stuck in the pain and grief. Sara worked with the girl, replacing the grief, pain and loss with good memories about her grandad.

Since that session, the girl no longer feels sadness or loss when she thinks of, or speaks about her grandfather; she now automatically has the good feelings and good memories instead.

A Fear of Heights

Case 4 was a 17-year-old girl with a fear of heights. After Sara worked on this issue with her, using FasterEFT, the girl took part in an adventure walk while on a school trip, where she had to climb very high.

Another teacher later told Sara that, as she was climbing, the girl cried out: “I’m No longer afraid of heights, thanks to Mrs. S!” She was so happy to be able to enjoy the activities without the fear.

Mathematics Anxiety

Sara ProveSara’s 11-year-old daughter is Case 5. Her daughter had performance anxiety connected to learning mathematics. Sara used surrogate tapping with another practitioner and alone; and on both occasions, without her daughter knowing, positive shifts happened. She no longer experienced crying and yelling while doing her mathematics exercises or when taking tests.

Sara loves being able to make such significant changes in young lives; and she teaches each child to tap on their own – empowering them to address any future issues themselves.

To contact Sara you can email her at: 

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Article by: Robert G. Smith

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