FasterEFT and Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We know that Thanksgiving is the time for family and friends to get together and also, the time when stress is at an all-time high.

What do you do when someone says something that gets on your nerves? Your Turkey stuffing doesn’t taste right, your table settings are wrong, your dog is peeing on the carpet?

These are just some of the many many things that can plunge people into holiday stress-eating, depression, anger fits etc.


How FasterEFT can help in dealing with Holiday Stress

Start with some tapping before the actual feast starts. Get up in the morning, think about the day ahead and start tapping. It’s part of the growth process – think about what’s wrong, tap, clean, and repeat.

For a visual guide to how tapping works click this link for the INFOGRAPHIC.

The Real Deal is Faster EFT

The deal is you’re going to tap for the rest of your life. If you don’t, things are not going to change. The same people will keep on pushing those same buttons and keep getting the same reactions from you. Regardless of whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas.

But the tapping doesn’t prevent events happening to you in the future. For example, you clean up whatever’s going on in your life currently, and then in the future you may lose your job, or your sister forgets to bring the dessert at Thanksgiving dinner, your car battery dies and you can’t get to the store to get that last minute can of pumpkin squash etc.

Usually you would react with anger, hurt, frustration or a plethora of other negative emotions. What if, this time, you didn’t?

If you have the tendency to go back to the old way of coping with these kind of things, you can create more problems. You can create a whole new set of problems. But when you’re facing all these problems in the present, and you’ve been tapping on yourself, you’ll notice it doesn’t bother you anymore.

How freeing is that!?

Because you changed the memories you hold within your mind.

What we, at FasterEFT aim to help you do is, develop this skill of addressing and releasing and letting go. That is the gift of a lifetime and you need to really practice this. This Holiday season, gift yourself or a loved one something that will truly enrich your life and theirs.

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In the past, how did you deal with these problems? By getting upset, hurt, negative, lashing out etc. You dealt with it by storing it in your unconscious mind. You try to eat it, you try to drink it, you try to smoke it, you try to work it, you try to run from it etc.

But the problem is, it all goes with you wherever you go. So where is it really? Right in here, within your mind. You can’t run fast enough from it. Or do enough self-destructive things to make it stop.

At the end of the day, when you lay your head on the pillow, those painful thoughts start running in your mind again. All that stuff you’ve been running from comes back to you, because you haven’t developed the emotional intelligence or process of letting go.

Whenever you tap, the real deal is to feel it, notice what bothers you, notice how you know it’s there – is it a tightness in your chest, a sinking feeling in your stomach, an image that comes up? Whatever it is, notice it, feel it and then Tap the FasterEFT way.

The key is identifying and then tapping.

Then go back and check it again. If it was a strong emotion and you did it one time, and it lessened, do it again. Keep at it until it no longer bothers you.

Or better yet, keep going until the memory or sensation flips. Click here to learn more about memory flipping.

The hundreds of people who’ve attended Robert’s seminars have had their lives change for the better, sometimes in almost miraculous way. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and remember, whenever something bothers you, just Tap Tap Tap the FasterEFT way!

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