Why FasterEFT Is the Best Chronic Pain Management Technique

Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of stress which eventually hinders an individual’s ability to achieve and sustain a happy life. Pain, in all its forms, is the mind’s signal that there is something misaligned. The uncomfortable feeling that makes moving, coping and living difficult is often manifested as pain.

Acute pain is usually much easier to address, with the physical symptoms present, acute pain can be addressed with medical intervention and a person can recover more quickly. In terms of chronic pain, the feeling of discomfort lasts longer and can be mild to severe, often medical science has no definite answer to its cause, hence, there is no cure.

Such as in the cases of fibromyalgia and the vast spectrum of invisible illnesses that fall under the chronic pain category.

The primary reason FasterEFT is one of the best chronic pain management techniques is because it complements other forms of therapy. It is non-invasive and will not cause any adverse side effects even if applied when you are under medication. Of course, it is always best to ask your medical practitioner.

FasterEFT’s premise of operation in chronic pain management involves the mind and how pain is produced by the mind. It is a mind and body healing modality that is proven to allow an individual manage and eliminate chronic pain by accessing the power of the mind to heal and transform itself and the body.

The following are 3 simple facts about chronic pain:


1. Chronic Pain is Invisible but Real

There is a huge debate about chronic pain. More often than not, people experiencing chronic pain are thought to exaggerate their symptoms, or worse, thought to be making up the pain. Ask anyone suffering from chronic pain syndrome and they wish they could make it up, rather than spend money on seeking a resolution.

The biggest challenge in diagnosing chronic pain is that it typically resides within the deeper consciousness. In rare occasions, there are anatomical problems that are undetectable through tests and medical laboratory analysis.

The body’s pain generators and pain levels are difficult to understand for it varies from one individual to another regardless of gender, ethnicity or age.

Although science may still have a little understanding of chronic pain, it never denies its existence. Hence, the research continues.

Since FasterEFT is a system with a complete understanding on how the mind works and how problems are structured from and by the mind, it includes pain resolution and management techniques that have been able to free so many individuals from pain across the globe.

Pain cannot exist without a mental source. In other words, your pain generator involves mental patterns generated by imprints causing you to believe pain as a mental or physiological response. FasterEFT provides resolution by reimprinting these memories that contribute to this mental structure allowing the body to recover by letting the mind produce wellness instead of pain. Our bodies are forever obedient to what our minds hold as valid and true.

2. Chronic Pain Can Cause Isolation

People who are experiencing chronic pain are often isolated from friends and loved ones. It may be true if the pain is severe, but just try to imagine how lonely it is for an individual to not be able to participate in any physical activities.

This belief is very toxic, and does little to help anyone recover. Destroy this negative mindset. Do not allow pain to take over your life and suck out all the fun from your experiences. The more you subscribe to the idea that pain is supposed to limit you having fun, the more you invite more of it into your life.

Break free from negative mindsets and never allow chronic pain to take full control of your life.

3. Chronic Pain Can Lead to Sleep Disorders

A majority of the people suffering from chronic pain suffer from some form of a sleep disorder. Either they sleep too much or sleep too little. Sleeplessness can lead to an exasperating cycle of more body aches thus may advance symptoms.

People suffering from chronic pain are often known as grumpy, mean and always angry. The primary reason for this is because a lack of sleep can cause the mind to perceive experiences in a negative concept.

Pain management is best resolved through FasterEFT. We are sharing the following tips on how you can overcome chronic pain. To truly resolve pain, and get started with FasterEFT today, please click here.


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6 Self-Help Tips To Manage Chronic Pain


1. Breathing Exercises, Meditation and FasterEFT Tapping

Increase your resilience for enduring pain by practicing deep breathing, meditation or best, FasterEFT Tapping. Deep breathing and meditation helps the body achieve a relaxed state as they quiet the mind and restore the body’s natural functions. Tension and tightness in the muscles can be resolved by meditating.

Boost the power of meditation by using Faster EFT Tapping. If you want, you can use FasterEFT tapping style alone to relieve tension and tightness caused by chronic pain. Tapping along the meridian points gives your body enough time to recuperate from stress responses caused by pain.

Moreover, it can help anyone achieve a relaxed state of mind by helping release the emotions that are contributing to the discomfort.

2. Reduce Exposure to Stress

Mild to moderate stress is healthy. But in cases of chronic pain, even the slightest stress can intensify the sensations of pain. When suffering from chronic pain, collapsing and taking control of stress is much more of a neccesity.

Faster EFT is the leading stress busting modality today. Used by thousands of psychotherapists, FasterEFT activates mental healing from any disorder by reducing stress responses. Stress can cause more illnesses to manifest that is why in any healing system and life management system, it is important that stress is addressed and collapsed.

3. Increase Endorphins from Exercise or Tapping

Exercise can greatly benefit chronic pain sufferers. It promotes circulation and increases release of endorphins – brain chemicals that help improve mood and resilience to pain.

You can naturally induce release of these brain chemicals through Faster EFT tapping as well. As you collapse negative thought patterns and those mental programs supporting the structure of pain your mind enters into a relaxed and calm state. Then your mind releases these feel good chemicals naturally as you tap along the meridian points.

4. Cut back or Quit Alcohol

Most people trying to avoid pain resort to alcohol, thinking that it can solve their chronic pain issues. In reality, it only makes it worse. Drinking alcohol may appear to “numb” the pain at first but the mind and body will soon grow resilient, your dosage may increase and before you know it, you are addicted to the substance.

Truth be told, most pain killers function the same. Dosages administered to you may need to be increased at certain points. This is very harmful for the body. That is why more people suffering from chronic pain seek alternative ways to reduce, manage or resolve chronic pain without relying on prescription meds.

Faster EFT is a natural way to combat chronic pain and is self-applicable yet highly effective. Join today and get started with the 7 Day Quick Start Course.

5. Track Your Pain Levels vs. Daily Activities

To effectively treat your pain, you need to keep track of your pain levels and activities that trigger severity. This will help your therapist or doctor to identify a plan of action to help manage your pain.

6. Nutrition

A balanced healthy diet can resolve so many issues associated with pain. When you aid your digestive process by eating healthier foods that are known to improve sugar levels, you can manage chronic pain easily. Increasing your fluid intake can also improve circulation and flush out toxins that might be contributing to chronic pain. Consult a nutritionist for what type of food is best to help your condition more efficiently.


So many have set themselves free from pain with faster eft
So many have set themselves free from pain with faster eft


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