FasterEFT Can Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence measures our ability to perceive and understand our own emotions and the emotions of those we engage with. Learning how to improve your emotional intelligence (EI) gives you an advantage on how to react in challenging situations and manage your own feelings in the healthiest and most productive way.

It wasn’t until recently that EI has become more popular as an important topic in life management programs. It is becoming more obvious today, as the chaos around us continuous, that emotional intelligence is a core part of our life’s experience and is a big factor that can influence our success in relationships and careers.

FasterEFT Can Improve Your Emotional IntelligenceDeveloping self-awareness by improving your emotional intelligence is the only way you can escape and totally let go of all the dramas you value and cling to.

Having emotional intelligence isn’t just about developing empathy all the time, but it is recognizing the true value of relationships and experiences.

The Following are 7 Practical Tips to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence:

1. Being Mindful of Your Feelings

Being mindful of your feelings is paying very close attention to how you feel. In the process of our daily lives, no matter how relaxed or highly stressful it is, we neglect to give importance to observe why we react in a particular way.

In the FasterEFT belief system you are taught how to recognize how you feel.

What makes you mad? What makes you angry or jealous? What makes you happy or unhappy?

While those questions appear simple and easy, they play an important role in identifying the root cause of your reactions. You see, every reaction by the body is formed within the mind and is wired to a source.

That source is most likely an imprint or a memory that your mind utilizes to make you function in a predictable way.

The more attention we pay to our feelings, the more we acquire a new level of trusting our emotions and become better in managing them. FasterEFT Tapping is a simple and highly effective technique that will help you gain more control and understanding about your feelings.

2. Observe Your Behavior

What motivates our behavior about anything are our thoughts and emotions. If we dig deeper and peel back our layers of consciousness, we will find that our thoughts are processed through our memories.

Our behavior towards anything after going through the filters of the mind is the output of complex structured data – our programming.

We are not saying that we are like robots or similar to a computer. But the likeness of a how a computer behaves in terms of data storing and processing information is quite similar to the human mind – in some ways. However, the mind is more complex and capable to healing itself with unlimited upgrades.

In other words, if you want to change your behavior towards anything, you need to find the source. FasterEFT can help you harness the power of your memories and the emotions they carry to improve any aspect of your life.

In the long run, your communication with others, your productivity and ultimately – your mindset about how the world works will be aligned with a strong sense of happiness.

03 Who is in the memory? The mechanics of memory and how they are internalized? from Faster EFT on Vimeo.

 3. Taking Responsibility of Both Your Feelings and Behavior

This is crucial in life transformations, whether it is healing from an illness, trauma or simply overcoming the simplest of life’s hurdles. Taking responsibility goes beyond understanding what the root cause of your life’s issues is; it is admitting that you created them.

It may sound a bit a harsh to some, but in reality, our life experiences are our creation. Whether you are producing it by “default” or consciously creating it. Becoming a conscious creator with great understanding on how to align your every experience to happiness can be achieved by improving your emotional intelligence.

If you feel anger and resentment towards anything or anyone, you are holding within you an imprint or a memory that provokes the feelings and influences your behaviors. No one is exempt from this rule. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

FasterEFT system understands the value of every negative emotion and how it can be transformed. Everything and anything that causes us displeasure is not the problem of another person or thing. For the feeling of hate cannot exist intrinsically within another being. In other words, it is you who produces the negative emotions based on how you perceive an object or a person.

It is your responsibility to change your inner world to gain balance with your outer world. Taking responsibility will create a positive impact in all areas of your life. You just need to accept the facts.

4. Respond – Don’t Just React

The subtle difference in the definition of these two words can change your life. When we say react, we are allowing our “trances” to take over. Our trances are the unconscious processes that allow us to function most of the time without really being conscious and mindful.

Reactions are automatic and are used by the mind to express and live an emotion instantly. For example, when we respond with hate, anger, resentment or feeling irritated about something or someone, we take our focus away from what we consider as momentarily important.

Responding on the other hand, gives you a chance to first notice how you feel about the situation before deciding on how you want to behave. In other words, responding gives you a chance to become more conscious about how you engage with a particular situation. 

FasterEFT can help you practice responding more and not just reacting as if you’re on autopilot. It is a system designed to collapse the toxic belief systems that the mind thinks keep us safe, yet it does not benefit our lives at all.


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5. Empathize with Yourself and Others

Empathy is all about holding an understanding about why someone is feeling or behaving in a certain way and to able to process their feelings and behavior to communicate kindness. This should never be isolated when engaging with others.

In fact, if there is someone who requires your empathy more than anyone – it is yourself.

FasterEFT advocates on practicing empathy all the time. When you begin to notice why you feel a certain way, ask “Why do I think like this?” or “Why do I feel this way?” In time, as you drop the initial barriers that you keep you from being honest with yourself, you will discover the imprints or memories that support the feelings.

When you do, FasterEFT can teach you how to manipulate memories and reimprint them to change your perception and behavior.

6. Aim for A Positive Environment

This is a very tiny step, but can create wonders in improving your emotional intelligence. Creating a positive environment does not mean changing your lifestyle completely. But you can begin with simple changes.

Get that potted plant you desire, whether it is for tabletop or in one corner of your room. Change the lighting or change the wall color of your room – just to change the mood. Anything that your mind can process as positive, do it.

Tiny physical improvements can create a big change. Faster EFT on the other hand, can help you change your inner environment to something more positive by helping you restructure the landscapes of your thoughts.

In cases of grief, loss, feelings of failure and other life problems, you can harness the power of your emotions to improve your quality of life.

7. Always Remember – Life is Unfolding

Emotional intelligence is a lifelong process. It doesn’t stop at a certain age. Together with self-mastery, it is an art of accepting that life is always in constantly changing. The only thing that can truly shield you from negativity and improve your life is acquiring tools such as FasterEFT to help you improve your state of being by keeping you aligned with a strong sense of purpose.


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