What is a FasterEFT Crossfire Session?

A crossfire is a session in which you receive help from two or more FasterEFT practitioners at the same time. Crossfire sessions are intense, deep, and highly effective. They are particularly useful for issues and problems that are intrinsic and ingrained deep within the fabric of your life.

Just because a problem or issue seems to be a permanent and immovable part of your life or personality, doesn’t mean you can’t change it! Crossfires are also very effective in creating faster transformations where resistance has been slowing progress.

What is a FasterEFT Crossfire Session

Why Choose a Crossfire?

There are many reasons you may wish to benefit from a crossfire session. Here are a few of the main reasons people book crossfires:

  • Faster, bigger, more intense changes
  • To address issues or problems that are taking longer to address through regular sessions
  • Clearing or getting past resistance
  • Fear – for those who are frightened of going to traumatic memories working on their own, a crossfire is an effective way of getting through the process more quickly and effectively, with the support of two or more expert practitioners
  • It gets the conscious mind out of the way since it’s not possible to keep track, consciously, of what the practitioners are saying – which means the changes get through to the subconscious more easily, without interference from the conscious mind

What Happens in a Crossfire Session?

At the beginning of your session, your practitioners will carry out an intake in the same way they would for a single session. They will ask you what you’d like to achieve from the session; and will make notes on key details regarding your problem and issue.

One practitioner will sit each side of you. Although crossfires are sometimes done by more than two practitioners, they are usually carried out by two. Your practitioners will guide you through the process, tapping on you and using phrases that are designed to address the core structure of your problem within your subconscious.


Although some people experience intense emotions during these sessions, for the majority, the sessions are full of fun and laughter. The goal of your practitioners is to help you to aim at your issues and memories by noticing how you know they’re there, and feeling them briefly for the last time – and then to de-fractionate (mostly through humor, laughter and fun) in order to help you to rewire your brain and let go of the bad stuff permanently.

A Word of Warning

While crossfire sessions are extremely powerful and effective, in order to achieve the results you want, you must make sure that you only consult experienced FasterEFT Practitioners that have been approved and certified by Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT) and the Skills to Change Institute.


Although your practitioners are there to guide you through the process, it is important to bear in mind that you are responsible for your own experiences. You are the boss of you! If at any point you feel uncomfortable, or you feel the experience is too intense for you, let your practitioners know. You are the only one who can be truly responsible for your own healing and experiences.

Certified, approved FasterEFT practitioners are trained to guide you into accessing the intensity of your problem briefly, using the information you provide. This is one of the keys to the remarkable effectiveness of the FasterEFT process.

Having said that, it is still you who is in charge of your own experience. Just as when you go to a dentist: while the dentist will do what it takes to fix your dental problems as quickly and painlessly as possible – and you put yourself in his hands, since he’s the expert – if you experienced pain or discomfort, you would let him know immediately, and he would either give you more anesthetic, or go more gently with the tools he’s using.

It is the same with any expert you consult. You are the boss of you, and you are ultimately responsible for what you experience.

A Client’s Experience of a FasterEFT Cross-Fire Session

Sharelle Wodehouse, from the United Kingdom, had used FasterEFT to tap on herself a little, and had received a few one-to-one sessions with practitioners. Here, she talks about her experience with two crossfire sessions:

First Crossfire in March 2016 – Practitioners: Carol Langdon and Tina Berry

Second Crossfire in May 2016 – Practitioners: Ela Lair and Carol Langdon

How did you hear about cross-fire FasterEFT sessions, and what were your expectations before you experienced one?

I heard about them via my sister who had one and recommended them. Yes, it was what I expected – and more so. I had a slight concern that it might not work on me, but it really did.

What made you choose to have a cross-fire session?

I had a lot of resistance to tapping and it felt like my issues were “hiding” whenever I did start to tap on them I could not find the emotions or memories etc. And I thought the cross-fire would confuse and disorientate enough to disarm my “defenses”.

Had you had a regular FasterEFT session before; and if so, how did it compare to the cross-fire?

Yes, but with the regular sessions it got to a point where my subconscious was able to evade and hide stuff, but the cross-fire was different in that it helped shake up the environment so my subconscious didn’t know what to hide first from whom. It was a very real feeling “something definitely shifted’ whereas there had been no movement for a while in the sessions prior to that. The sessions after went so much quicker and easier as well.

What are the main benefits you got from your cross-fire session?

Definitely have had my box of beliefs shaken up and ‘resistance’ weakened.

Did you experience any adverse reactions from the session?

No. I cannot really describe the feeling. It was like something was now missing but in a good way – like an annoying background noise that you didn’t notice until it was gone.

What was your experience of the practitioners?

Very professional. They really made me feel safe, secure, and they were fun and uplifting – but you could feel that they meant business! You could feel their confidence that I would get some good results from the session. Their manner and personalities were very reassuring. They are shaking up your stuff but they are also your mental airbags and security. You feel very safe in their hands.

Would you have a cross-fire session again in the future?


Would you recommend a cross-fire to others?

Yes, absolutely.

What else would you like to share about your experience of a FasterEFT cross-fire session?

The best, and most enjoyable and effective mental shake up I’ve ever had.

Any advice to those who are in a similar position to the one you were in before your session?

Go get a cross-fire. It will help get you unstuck, get through some issues you were struggling to tap on, and throw up ideas for the next things you can tap on.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith

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