FasterEFT Defines the Meaning of a Cult and Why It’s Impossible to be One

We like to challenge the information spreading around the internet that FasterEFT is a cult. The FasterEFT family has found the accusations to be nothing but humor added to our daily lives. The false accusations continue but we hardly have time to produce materials to counter all of them, nor do we see the need to. The primary reason is because we are dedicated to help people have better lives. Besides, Robert Smith continues to be a reminder of compassion and wellness and that extends to everyone with no exception, even to those who wish to deliver false information about him or FasterEFT.

However, we hope this article reach everyone, followers and practitioners alike, and find clarity on the definition of a cult, who are the real cults you must be aware of and why FasterEFT isn’t.

This website (CARM) has a very interesting and useful information about cults and we would like to pattern this article according to their definition and factors that makes an organization a cult. Those italicized are the ones they say what defines a cult.

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1. New Teaching

– has a new theology and doctrine.


FasterEFT is a combination of various teachings about the mind, may contain a slight and relevant belief on energy systems, but the main focus of FasterEFT is to promote healing through the mind’s boundless ability to heal and transform.


Faster EFT does not teach theology or doctrines about divine beings. Moreover, no online or offline manuscript has ever been authored by anyone in FasterEFT including Robert Smith that talks about any system of Religious beliefs. We believe in the goodness of the human nature and that we are all perfect within our imperfections.

We embrace the diversity in faith of all our followers, and in fact, we are the only healing modality available that does not defy any mainstream faith.


What FasterEFT is: we teach kindness, calmness and empower the human mind and spirit. Whatever religion you wish to practice, you may use FasterEFT as a tool to help you with challenges and even to reinforce your faith. We are not a religion, what Robert Smith created was a system and process that promotes wellness and any religion is welcome to join us.


Think of Faster EFT as similar to getting immediate medical attention if you are wounded, then you need a suture to stop the bleeding, right? In the case of healing using FasterEFT, if your mind is disorderly, causing you stress, chronic pain and inability to perform your best in life, then you need FasterEFT to resolve the issues and bring you back to your natural state, calm, well, healthy and alive.



2. Only True Teaching

– Often considers traditional religious systems to be apostate and it alone possesses the complete truth.

We are not the only true teaching, we do not even have religious teachings. FasterEFT teachings are isolated on how the world works based on the model of the mind that has been passed on for generations across civilizations.

It is very notable though that Faster EFT is the only healing modality available today that has been able to explain ancient wisdom and techniques with clarity to the modern man. Some teachings on healing and how the mind works are great, we strongly agree, however, FasterEFT delivers results with efficiency because it cuts through the linguistic jargons and mystical applications and beliefs that promotes healing and wellness.

Robert Smith is a man of Science and spirituality, he only applies tangible physical mechanics to promote wellness with the use of FasterEFT. He does not entirely subscribe to energy systems outside the body. He strongly believes that we create our own reality, based on the teachings we have subscribed into, may it be religious beliefs through culture and generation.


3. Strong Leadership

– often an individual or small but powerful group holds control of the group’s teaching and practices.

Robert. G. Smith is the one who developed FasterEFT, but he is not a leader or practice power over anyone who subscribe to and follow FasterEFT. In fact, he teaches people the opposite, FasterEFT is focused in empowering the mind and liberation from mental slavery, from a group, person or even inanimate objects that we have accustomed to be attached to. FasterEFT can free anyone from memories, objects, events and people that no longer benefits our growth as human beings.

At the core of FasterEFT you will be taught how to be your own leader, how you can lead a better life and how you can make transformations today to create changes in your future that is aligned with joy, compassion and lasting wellness. In other words, the only person who have the ability to create a positive joyful life for you is you, and the only person who can make it impossible is also yourself.

No outside force, no matter how strong, can influence a mind without allowing it, this goes with the positive and negative.


4. Asset Acquirement

– often requires tithing and/or property transfer to the religious system.


First and foremost, FasterEFT is not and never will be a religious system. We heal people not through faith coming from a divine master or another entity. Robert Smith created FasterEFT with down-to-earth logic.


You can find plenty of published materials directly from the FasterEFT Official Blog for free and we don’t require you a monthly tithe or transfer a property. You may have also noticed that we have 9.5 Million views on YouTube where Robert Smith publish his videos to teach you how to overcome life problems without asking for anything in return. We also never ask for donations.


5. Isolationist

to facilitate control over the members physically, intellectually, financially and emotionally.

FasterEFT aims liberation or freedom not just from pain. In fact we would like you to socialize more, function better at your work and never become manipulated by any system or individual that defies human rights.

You can use and learn Faster EFT anywhere you are, at the comfort of your own homes and learn at the time most convenient for you. However, you are welcome to join live events hosted by Robert Smith. Check out when and where he will next have a live seminar and training.


6. Controlling

– exercises control over the members. Sometimes it is through fear, threatening loss of salvation if you leave the group. Sometimes, through indoctrination.

FasterEFT is growing globally but we grow not as a religious group. We grow because there are more and more people who are drawn into the easy to understand mind-body-spirit healing modality. FasterEFT would like people to practice control over their minds, because through this, they are able to take full control of their lives.

The idea of any FasterEFT practitioner having control over other people is just impossible because at it’s very core it is empowering the mind and spirit to be liberated from fear and loss and letting go of stress.


7. Indoctrination

– possesses methods to reinforce the cult’s beliefs and standards where opposing views are ridiculed and often misinterpreted.


FasterEFT does not reinforce beliefs, the FasterEFT belief system is very easy system to subscribe to because it only requires common sense. We encourage everyone to take the FasterEFT teachings as their working hypothesis to solve their complex life issues.


Should it not work, they can seek a practitioner to guide them through, but no one is ridiculed and nothing is misinterpreted. We love to discuss any miscommunication actually; you can also join the conversation among thousands of FasterEFT followers in the Official FasterEFT Facebook Page.


8. Apocalyptic

– to give the members a future focus and philosophical purpose in avoiding the apocalypse or being delivered through it.


In FasterEFT, we believe that your reality relies on the memories and experiences you have recorded and went through since birth. That these memories of experiences, especially traumas those vividly imprinted in your mind are the basis of the structure of your problems, beliefs and your way of life in general. This is how the “self” protect “itself” by default. We challenge those belief systems that forms beliefs that conjures fear and incapacitation of an individual, so we are never apocalyptic. We would like people to think of their time on earth and face death and aging in alignment to reality.


Robert Smith actually published a new video regarding death and old age in YouTube, here’s the clip:

9. Experience

– various practices including meditation, repetition of words and/or phrases, and ‘spiritual’ enlightenment with God are used as confirmation of their truth.

Since FasterEFT is not a religion there is no aim of religious spiritual enlightenment that validates the existence of divine beings, God, angels or prophets. Robert is not a prophet, not a messiah and no practitioner ever claimed to be anointed by a divine power.

FasterEFT operates within the power of the mind and realigning the value of reality to the core and nature of the true humankind, peaceful, compassionate, kind, empowered, loving and in harmony with their own respective environments.


10. Persecution

– predictions of being persecuted, often combined with claiming any opposing views demonstrated against them as a form of persecution.

We welcome other views of healing modality, in fact, Robert G. Smith believes that there is value in every healing modality and each contributes to making a better world. It just so happened that some works efficiently and fast compared to others.



There are more points that makes FasterEFT impossible to be mistaken for a religion or a cult. But these 10 should be enough to make our point and somehow enlighten others who are misled into thinking what FasterEFT truly is.

An article by Mia Doucet published in can shed some light about the 7 Major Differences Between EFT and FasterEFT.

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