FasterEFT Explains Why You Keep on Failing

Our personalities are made from various mental patterns. We always have repeating, coping patterns. Most people don’t realize that we have the tendency to recycle our old feelings. This is the most common type of mindset, instilled in us from our early childhood.

Old pains are recycled. There happens to be a tendency in most people to repeat a pattern over and over again, from an early childhood experience, or a relationship with our mother/father. Sometimes it maybe the first person we had a relationship with, or even a relationship with a kid on the bus that picked on and now your whole life you’ve built relationships based on those experiences because they had a massive emotional impact.

It’s weird but the mind will pick up a pattern with a linking of behaviors and will have a tendency to keep finding the same character, or the same problem to enable you to keep feeling the same feeling.


So you keep feeling the feeling of failing over and over again, because that’s what your brain has been programmed to do. Even though it may seem like the problem is out there, the other person is hurting you, cheating you, bullying you – you are actually doing it to yourself and not the other person because we have automatic unconscious programs running in the background.

How do you break it?

It’s very simple but it’s a lot of work. FasterEFT has the simplest and most effective way to get rid of this pattern of failing.

Go to what you know, go to your experiences in the past, it doesn’t have to be a relationship experience, it could be any experience that had an impact on you and you linked it to being in a relationship, being in love, being successful in your career, in your home or being vulnerable.

Or, if you suffered a failure in the recent past, just go to that experience in your mind. Go back to that event/experience, go back to the feelings and the emotions, the feeling of rejection, fear, anger, whatever it is.

That feeling of rejection/failure may have many tied to a business or your job, it could have to do with anything, because FasterEFT recognizes that the brain has its own unconscious organization that consciously doesn’t make sense to us. That’s what Robert teaches. You can practise and tap and release this false belief system.

How failure really works

There may be an unconscious program that says ‘I don’t really want to be successful. It’s safer not to be’. And you somehow may be doing things that keep you failing in whatever you ndertake.

We don’t know until you start asking the questions, start tapping on the memories, which frees the feelings and resources. You can have the success you want, but the success you want starts with the idea of success you hold within your mind, for any department of your life.

In FasterEFT we refer to those memories as your inner references. If all your references to do with success are unpleasant, by what you witnessed with your mom and dad growing up, and what you personally experienced, you’re holding those within and the mind says this is how life is supposed to be.

The only way to get something better is to change what you hold and what you do to yourself. It’s all about what you’re doing to yourself. And you can change what you do to yourself by changing your memories.

Watch this video of Robert to better understand how the failure mindset works:

Out of the blue

Why is it that when everything’s going perfect and out of the blue, it all fails? You’ve been working really hard on a business project and it all seemed to be moving along perfectly.

Then suddenly the project fell through. You didn’t see it coming and it was a big shock to you. Not only do you feel like a total failure, you probably feel unlucky in life. What do you do?


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Here’s what you can do:

The key is understanding how things work. You can do the usual, which is feel bad, beat yourself up, feel like it’s the end of the world. Or you can say, ok it happened, what do we do next? What we are really saying here is we know that it’s a big shock.

So you address that shock, by identifying how it makes you feel. Address your emotions and feelings right then. The thoughts that come up such as, ‘I am a total failure’- is a basic belief system that helped manifest and support the problem that occurred.

The truth is, you’ve practiced feeling like a failure so many times before, that it becomes almost reflexive.

It could have been small setbacks or big ones like a loss of a project or relationship. These are programs running within your mind that keep on showing up as repeated manifestations of failure in your reality.

What FasterEFT advises in such situations is to sit down and take stock of your feelings. See how it made you feel, and tap and change those emotions. Robert also encourages people to look at other experiences in your past that made you feel similarly.

Because this too is a program in how you process information. After you’re done tapping, and you’ve cleared all those negative emotional references, you create a plan. What can I do next to move past this?

Once your mind is free from stress and worry, you can think more clearly, and ideas will come to you that wouldn’t have occurred to you before.

But for this to work, you have to clean up how you feel about the individuals that you think are responsible for your failure, how you feel about the experience, and then let that be a healing catalyst that pushes you forward.


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Failure is a gift

These experiences we call “failures” are gifts if you do one thing with it – heal yourself because of it. FasterEFT understands that your value doesn’t come from a project, a business, a relationship or your bank balance.

Your value comes from how you represent what happens with that experience and how you choose to look at it. So where is your value?

FasterEFT Explains Why You Keep on Failing

No one can steal it and nobody can take it from you.

So whenever you experience failure you take it as a great opportunity to try something new in a different way. But you have to release the hurt, the pain, the guilt, the fear etc. through FasterEFT. This too will make you stronger, more efficient and wiser.

So this is the key. FasterEFT teaches that if you keep on repeating the feeling of being a failure, and you want to just quit, or suffer in your own personal misery – that’s not a good decision. So tap, clean it up, clear out your past experiences, clear any anxieties, frustrations etc. related to it and ask yourself what did you learn from this and do something better.

Here at FasterEFT we believe that this so called failure is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself to create something bigger and better than what you initially started with.

Remember, keep tapping on yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself, by changing the unpleasant things you hold within yourself. Memories, good or bad, they always have an interest that is paid over the years. It always pays off, it always recreates and shows up again in another pair of shoes. So keep tapping!

You can always visit www.fastereft.com which has a lot of video resources, information about events coming up, and practitioners to help you.



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