FasterEFT Explains What’s Wrong with the Placebo Effect?

“Ah, it’s just placebo!” This statement is usually offered with the intention to disregard or belittle a treatment or healing modality. So, what’s wrong with placebo? If you achieve the results you want, surely it doesn’t matter that it was placebo? In fact, all the more impressive!

Placebo is the power of the mind to heal itself in spite of the false medical treatment. So, let’s put aside the negative implications on the relevant treatment for a moment, and look at what that means as far as the ability of the mind and body to heal without assistance.

What's Wrong with the Placebo Effect

How Does it Work?

If you think about it, your body is designed to heal itself. When you cut yourself, it heals automatically, without medical intervention; if the cut is deep, you may need stitches – but it is not the stitches that heal.

The stitches merely keep the skin together so that it can heal – so that the body can heal itself. All medical treatment is designed to assist the body in healing itself, rather than to actually do the healing.

The body is designed to automatically heal itself. And since the body follows the mind, and all bodily functions are controlled by the brain, thought and mental focus affect healing quite naturally.

The Nocebo Effect

The opposite to the placebo effect, the nocebo effect causes the patient to experience symptoms that have no connection to the treatment. For example, a patient given a harmless substance, but told that it can cause side-effects may experience the side-effects even though the information was false. The nocebo effect is the mind’s great ability to produce symptoms without any physical cause.

The Lessebo Effect

The lessebo effect occurs when patients believe that they are receiving the placebo instead of the real treatment; and their negative expectations lead to the failure of the real treatment. In other words, although they have received the real treatment, they believe they’ve received the placebo, and this belief results in the treatment not working for them, while it works in a control group.

This shows that the mind can cause both negative and positive effects on the body – regardless of whether or not the medical treatment is real or not.

So, What’s Wrong with the Placebo Effect?

If a treatment or therapy serves to convince the mind to produce improvements in the body, surely that is as beneficial (if not more so) as a treatment that supports the body to heal itself in other ways – such as holding a broken bone in place so that it can grow back together. Rather than being a derogatory term, the placebo effect empowers the individual to heal themselves.

Medical science has found increasing evidence of the power of the placebo effect and the mind-body connection in healing and other physical effects on the brain and body. The more we find out about this connection, the more empowered we become, to take control of our own health and physical abilities. Using the placebo effect to make the most of our natural ability to heal ourselves can open us up to infinite opportunities.

Blocking the Placebo

While the placebo effect has a positive and beneficial effect on the body, the nocebo effect and lessebo effect are of course, detrimental. So, how is it that some people heal in spite of the sugar pill while others develop symptoms that have no physical cause, and some fail to heal even with the correct treatment? In other words, what causes the nocebo and lessebo effects?

The aspect that makes the difference in this case is the same aspect that makes the difference in all cases: it is the references held in the subconscious. The placebo effect is not caused by conscious belief. If this were the case, every patient who believed in the treatment they’re receiving (whether placebo or real) would see positive results.

However, there are a great number of patients who truly believe in their treatment – but who do not heal, even when the treatment is real. The reason for this is that, regardless of how adamantly they consciously believe in the treatment, if there are subconscious records that “prove” the contrary, the body will follow those.

Why Do the Subconscious References Override the Conscious Beliefs?

Everything held in the subconscious is there to support survival. The subconscious has interpreted life experiences, from birth, and filed them as evidence of who you are, and how the world works, in order to ensure your survival in the particular environment into which you’ve been born. Since these records provide the unquestionable foundation of reality for you, they take precedence over any conscious thoughts, decisions or beliefs.

An example:

Genevieve has been suffering from migraines for many years. She has recently heard that a new drug has proved highly successful for many patients, relieving the migraine symptoms quickly and effectively, with ongoing results. In fact, a friend of hers has experienced success using this particular drug, so Genevieve has high expectations and great faith in the medication.

She believes it will work because she’s seen it work for her friend. She has faith in her doctor and in the science behind the drug. According to research into the placebo effect, the drug should work for Genevieve. But it doesn’t. She’s disappointed to discover that despite her faith, and despite the fact it works for other people (including her friend) it fails to work for her.

So, what happened?

If we could look into Genevieve’s subconscious, we may find that it contains several references that support the migraines. There may be some that also support the fact that medication won’t work for her.

She may have experienced situations in her childhood that were interpreted by her subconscious to “prove” that she needs to be in pain to remain safe; or that if she were free from the migraines she would face the “danger” of having to move forward in her job; or that being healed from the migraines will mean losing money (disability pay).

Because none of these beliefs is conscious, Genevieve is completely oblivious to the reasons. Her subconscious is in control of the condition, and her subconscious always overrides her conscious mind because it is the security system and the “health and safety department”. Survival mechanisms trump everything else.

How to Remove the Blocks

In order to remove the nocebo and lessebo effects, you need to change the records that are held in the subconscious. When you change the original “evidence” of what is true for you, the results you experience will automatically change. For example, if Genevieve were to address the original records that prove that she needs to be in pain to remain safe, and change them so that they provide  proof that it is safe to be free from pain instead, her subconscious would be referencing that new record instead – meaning there is no longer a need to hold onto the pain regardless of the medication.

In the same way, if she changed the original record that “proves” that there is reason to avoid moving forward in her work – to a record that proves that moving forward in her work is safe, her subconscious would be using the new record as a reference, and would no longer need to protect her by maintaining the migraine symptoms – freeing the body to heal itself (with or without the drug).

Using FasterEFT to address the original records your subconscious is referring to – and changing them – will remove the blocks that are preventing your body from healing itself.

The placebo effect – the mind’s great ability to heal itself regardless of the treatment you receive – can be the greatest asset you have. Freeing your body to heal itself by changing any original subconscious programming that provides “evidence” to the contrary, can help you to heal no matter what treatment you are receiving.

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