FasterEFT Explains Why You’re Full of Yourself!

Did you know you’re full of yourself? Everything you think and feel is you. Even though it often doesn’t feel that way. Whatever you’re thinking and feeling may seem like it’s being caused by other people or the world around you – there are so many experiences that we are exposed to that appear to affect how we feel and what we think; however, the truth is, everything you feel is caused by something inside yourself.

As outrageous as that may seem, if you think about it, when you have a thought or a feeling, it is happening inside you – and since no-one else can fit inside you, it’s all you. Now, naturally, this doesn’t mean you’re doing it deliberately, or that it’s your fault that you are experiencing the feelings you’re experiencing; but the great part of this is – while you can’t control anyone else, if it’s all you, you can change it!

You're Full of Yourself

The Ultimate Self-Empowerment

If everything you experience is you, you can take complete control over every single experience – every thought, every feeling, and every experience with the world around you. It also means that no-one and no-thing can affect you adversely, unless you cooperate. Once you have learned to take control of the inside of you, you are no longer at the mercy of outside forces.

A Cast of Thousands

Every memory you have – good, bad, and apparently indifferent – stars you, and only you. Considering the fact that the other people in the memory cannot fit inside your head and it’s only you in there, you are playing every role.

When you remember that person who was rude to you yesterday in the line at the store, as you remember what happened, you are replaying the memory in your mind – and you are playing the role of that person. He or she doesn’t even know you, they’re certainly not currently taking part in this production; as you remember what they did and said, it is you who is doing it to yourself.

They may have been rude to you yesterday, but you’re being rude to you today! You’re being rude to you every time you replay that memory.

When you think about the politicians and the “idiots” who vote for that particular candidate, and the terrorists who have attacked innocent people, and those who may attack innocent people in the future, and those who are cruel to animals, and the people suffering from cancer… and, and, and… whenever you think of anyone else, you are playing the role of that person.

That political candidate cannot be physically with you; so, in their absence, you are standing in for them – in your head.

You’re in Charge

Now, if you find yourself doing this, why not change the person to how you would like them to be? You might as well – it’s all in your mind as you think about it.

And while your thinking about it may not change the real life situation, it certainly affects you. It affects your health, the decisions and choices you make, your productivity and creativity, the action you take, and how you relate to those around you.

Since it’s all happening inside your own head while you think about, it you may as well make it good. You may as well provide yourself with better entertainment than the fear, guilt, frustration, anger, sadness, pain, and other stress emotions – you may as well enjoy love, fun and humor instead.

You could start by adding a feather boa and a tiara to the politician. After all, it’s your mind – you can do what you wish, you might as well make it fun!

How to Take Control

If you find it difficult to change how you think and feel – even though you know it’s all you – you will need to change the original records you hold in your subconscious.

Your reactions and responses are not caused by the people and world around you; they’re not caused by the terrible events and the world leaders and the neighbors and the crime; the way you feel and think is caused by the filters through which you experience those events and people.

Your subconscious contains records (memories) that provide strong “proof” of who you are and how the world works. For more detail on these records and how they’re created, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

Think about the people who make you feel frustrated, frightened, angry or sad – they must be seeing the world very differently to you or they wouldn’t be doing and saying what they’re doing and saying.

Even people you know to be good people, perhaps friends and loved ones, don’t always agree with you. Many of them may actually believe the opposite to what you believe in some ways.

Why is that? You have the same values, you’re all good people; and yet some of them just don’t seem to care about people who allow their kids to run wild? The difference is: They’re looking at the world through different filters. For more on this, read: How to Change Your Reality.

How Our Filters Affect Our Perception

The core beliefs – created from the memories that have been interpreted by our subconscious – determine how a person sees the world; and how they behave and respond to different experiences.

And each person’s core beliefs are unique – because each person’s life experience is different. This means that no two people see reality in exactly the same way. For an example of how this works, read: What Determines Your Character and Personality?

The Solution

In order to gain complete control over yourself (for you are full of yourself since no-one else can fit inside your mind) you need to change those records that cause your perceptions and feelings.

Once you have learned to do this, you are the only boss of you. You are the only one who can affect how you feel. Using FasterEFT is the fastest and most effective way to change these records since it works with the subconscious to access the original memories (whether you remember them consciously or not) to make the necessary changes.

Using this system, you can completely transform your life, and choose your own experiences. You can make sure that the quality of entertainment in your own mind is significantly improved. You can spend more of your time feeling good – and as a result, doing good. It’s all up to you.

To find out how and why FasterEFT works, visit: The FasterEFT System.

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