Fight Depression with FasterEFT – Without Medication

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the portion of Americans aged 12 years and older that are taking antidepressant medication had reached 11% by 2011.

This increase has continued despite the most recent advances in neuroscience that have cast doubt on the effectiveness of these medications.

The new technology of brain imaging has shown that those with severe depression experience the same improvements from the placebo effect as they do from antidepressant medication.

How to Fight Depression without Medication

Placebo vs Antidepressant

In a single-blind study of 35 patients who had been diagnosed with untreated major depression, Dr. Jon-Kar Zubieta and his team gave the participants a placebo pill for a two-week period, telling them that it was a medication that was designed to activate internal brain mechanisms that that reduce the symptoms of depression.

In addition to this, when the participants returned to the facility after the two-week period, they were given an injection that contained only water – and were told that it contained a substance that has fast-acting anti-depressant effects.

The brain scans done on these patients showed that some patients had activated their brain’s natural pain-killer – the “mu-opioid system”. After the initial two weeks, all participants were given an antidepressant, and were monitored every two weeks for a ten-week period.

The results showed that participants who had responded to the placebo pill were most likely to respond to the medication.

But is Placebo Reliable?

Unfortunately, although the placebo effect is powerful, and is prevalent, it does not work consistently for every person. Why? Because each person’s internal references are different.

These references provide the subconscious with data on who the individual is, how the world works, and what their reality is. Since this information is subconscious, there is no conscious awareness or control.

However, changing those subconscious records can change the automatic reactions and responses of the body.

How to Treat Depression without Medication


In the first place, it is essential to understand that if you are currently on prescribed medication, or if your doctor has prescribed medication for you, you must continue with that medication and consult your doctor if you wish to stop taking it.

There is no need to stop taking medication you have been prescribed in order to use this technique. Continue any treatment you are receiving, and consult your doctor for help if you wish to stop taking it – you can do this while you are using FasterEFT. You can do both until your doctor advises you that you are ready to responsibly come off of the medication you are taking.

If you haven’t yet consulted a medical professional regarding your symptoms, you need to do so immediately.

Make a list of the major traumas in your life – there is no need to go into any detail, just write one or two words to identify each one for your own reference. Then, use the FasterEFT Technique on each memory until it has completely flipped.

In addition to this, create a Happy Journal – and look through it and add to it regularly. Every time you think of something happy, you are literally changing your brain chemistry.

You are literally diluting the chemicals that cause the feelings of depression and anxiety, with endorphins. Finally, every time you feel less than good – every time something bothers you – use the FasterEFT technique to flip the feeling.

Need Help?

If you find that your emotions and memories are too strong for you to manage this on your own, speak to a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner to find out how they can help you. You can also tap along with the videos in the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.

You can take control of your own emotional state – by treating the original cause.

For more information on how your mind works, and how it affects your body, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

For guidance on using the technique, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

Article by: Robert G. Smith 


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