How FasterEFT Freed Juli from Fibromyalgia and Ended 26 Years of Pain After 20 Surgeries

Juli Call’s story is one of the most inspirational in the recent Las Vegas Seminar for Level I Faster EFT training this October 2016. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 26 years ago.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is among the incurable diseases that causes pain all over the body. Medically speaking, it is an illness in the musculoskeletal system that causes a person to ache all over.

Juli was relatively new to Faster EFT after her sister encouraged her to try EFT which she researched a lot, making her stumble upon Robert’s videos. Her first introduction to Faster EFT Training was only the free materials found online that are regularly updated. While there is a huge difference between the two modality, Juli was more drawn to Robert’s profound teachings.

She explains in the following video how she suffered for more than 2 decades of pain and survived surgery after surgery and finally set free from pain through FasterEFT.

A Closer Look at Fibromyalgia Syndrome

When a disease is termed a syndrome, medically speaking, it means that there is a set of symptoms exhibited by the patient.

With Fibromyalgia Syndrome the following symptoms commonly occur together:

  1. Anxiety and/or depression
  2. Decreased pain threshold of tender points
  3. Extensive pain
  4. Incapacitating fatigue

It is common among patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia to be suicidal. Just like what Juli shares in the video above. The feeling of incapacitation due to pain may result for a person to lose hope, given that modern medical science still offer no cure.

Just like what Juli was trying to say, the only way to somehow escape the pain is taking prescribed anti-depressants and pain killers. Most fibromyalgia patients just grow tolerance with the medications and as dosage increase, risks from the side effects also increase after prolonged use.

It is true what Juli says that it appears like you just need to endure the pain while knowing there is no cure.

Luckily though, she discovered Faster EFT and liberation from the lengthy suffering of over 25 years. Feeling younger, looking younger and regained her vitality, she is facing the world as a new person. Same body, no pain. Same mind, no more suffering.

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How Faster EFT Offered Freedom From Fibromyalgia?

FasterEFT believes that fibromyalgia is disease directly related to the mind and its physical counterpart, the brain. We all have tendencies to be physically sick, mentally ill and emotionally suffer. These tendencies come into fruition when we begin to allow mental patterns to take over without control and allowing those of negative nature to gain dominance.

It may seem that we all make conscious decisions all the time, but we don’t. We function based on the data held within the layers of our consciousness.

Faster EFT is a tool to examine every layer paying more attention to the subconscious mind which is the reference for most of our conscious thoughts and actions.

Robert Smith, founder of Faster EFT has a huge collection of free materials, if you are quite new to Faster EFT Tapping, start here.

If you take control and release the source of negative thought patterns, you have the power to transform the mind and if not totally eliminate the physical and mental illnesses right away, reduce its manifestation and liberate you from pain.

Fibromyalgia is just another form of illness rooted within our subconscious mind causing the body to feel paralyzed and experience extreme pain. Faster EFT may sound magical but it has a lot of science into it.

In greater understanding that the brain is in fact the mind in action. Anything that the mind dictates the brain, including release of biological chemicals that makes us feel good or bad will directly affect the body. This is the mind-body link which is best discussed in this article.

In short, freedom from Fibromyalgia, just like what Juli has experienced is freedom from the negative records held within her subconscious causing her brain to function more in alignment to wellness and away from the dreadful disease.

Any form of suffering, not only Fibromyalgia is knotted within the layers of consciousness with its roots in the subconscious.

Just like what Juli explains in her video, freedom from pain is possible. There is hope for anyone not just those inflicted of the same illness as her. There are a lot of Faster EFT information available for free, it is aimed to help and free anyone from whatever they are going through. Get your free course here.

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