The Only Thing You Need to Give Up for a Successful 2017

Are you ready to claim your success this coming 2017? Well, you cannot claim it unless you give up this one thing that holds you back. How it controls you and holds you down is the reason why you are always caught in between “almost there” and “never there.”

What is this one thing? Your negatively charged memories. It’s a bit tricky because it evokes the idea that there is quite a lot. This memory that holds you down and makes you successfully fail all the time can be broken down into many little things.

But don’t be misled by that fact. FasterEFT guarantees that if you get rid of this one thing, then everything surrounding this idea that will collapse altogether. In other words, bye bye failure and hello success!

New Year’s and Resolutions – A Cyclememory manipulation

Your reality is the end product that your mental resources have produced. It is that simple.

If you keep on doing things the same way while using the same old negatively charged memories stored within your deeper consciousness, you will end up with the same problems.

It’s a cycle, and a truly vicious one.

New years are a great way to start. Unfortunately, the numbers in the calendar may change, but your memories from the previous years just pileup. Sadly, you don’t forget all the pain, grief, sadness and other negative experiences the moment the calendar adds another count in years.

Creating a list of things you want to give resolution to in the coming year is like affirming a milestone. However, we all know that you are bound to forget that when the new year’s hype is over.

We are not being cynical here, we are trying to be realistic. Because in FasterEFT, being realistic and honest is the key to self-mastery and find true liberation from pains and illnesses.

Why your New Year’s resolution don’t work is because the problem lies beyond the surface, it can’t easily be “willed” away consciously by simply affirming.

It requires locating, reimprinting or manipulating the memory into a positive one. And only FasterEFT holds a complete understanding with highly specialized yet easy to use techniques on how it can be done.


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Is Memory Manipulation Ethical?

Faster EFT memory manipulation is bound to ethical procedures. In fact, unlike other healing modalities using the power of memories to heal, FasterEFT does not require beliefs outside what can be proven scientifically.

The way memories are manipulated or reimprinted through FasterEFT is through understanding how the mind works and with a thorough understanding of how the memories are encoded, stored and its power over our conscious choices and formation of reaction and behaviors.

In other words, memory manipulation and reimprinting allows you to see the world from another angle, without having to carry the heavy emotional baggage from the past causing you to feel stuck and experience failure.

Successfully Failing from Faster EFT on Vimeo.

Take Action – Give it Up!

The most interesting human mental behavior is how much we crave success, yet when told what is keeping us from it, we recoil, run and hide from reality.

Do we fear success? Not really. The real reason behind it all is because of the values you have attached to the memory.

The emotions carried by memories are the currencies that power its worth in which the mind perceives it as useful or not. That is why, negatively charged experiences and toxic belief systems are often the most convenient choices to formulate a reaction from.

In other words, we draw and formulate reactions to external stimuli by using negative resources because of how we are mentally wired. Habit and convenience is the brain’s way of keeping you safe, from what it perceives to be a threat.

In FasterEFT memory manipulation and reimprinting, you get to keep the memories of course. Your mind is not going wiped clean, contrary to misunderstanding.

You will still be you, however, the patterns in which the memories are being fired from your deeper consciousness will no longer be glued together with extreme emotions. Because of this, your perception and natural reaction to just about anything that pulls you down, may it be money, health, success, etc. will naturally change.


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