FasterEFT Gives You the Key to Healing Relationships

Robert Smith, founder of FasterEFT understands that whatever challenges you encounter in any kind of relationship are results of your own choices. The key to healing is realizing that you cannot change anyone else in this planet outside yourself. Changes begin from within yourself, in doing so, you will have a different version of reality, a reality that is more in alignment with love, joy and happiness.

It isn’t always the best words to hear when you are hurting, neither it is the solution you might be hoping for. The reason for this is because as humans we have the tendency to always try to change the other person. It may be considered normal according to what culture and society dictates, but it is impossible.

You hold the power to make changes and ability to control your perceptions and emotional responses. FasterEFT would like to give you back that control and allow healing to naturally take place and help you create a stronger and better version of you.

FasterEFT Gives You the Key to Healing Relationships

Learn how you can stop relying on other people just to make you feel good. Somehow we tend to always try to put ourselves in conditional states. For example: “I would feel better if he/she acts this way.” “It would be perfect if he/she stops doing…” Living and relying on “if” conditions will only increase your chances of being frustrated. FasterEFT understands the root cause why you tend to feel and act this way that is why it is effective in releasing it out of your system.

How can FasterEFT Heal Your Relationship?

Since there is absolutely no other person in this planet that you can change and have total control of except yourself. FasterEFT helps you to heal by changing your perception of how you feel when you are in the middle an argument, rage or frustration. Learn and develop techniques to address the problems you experience in your relationship.

The Ultimate Relationship Cure will take you to another level of healing a relationship with great focus on personal emotional transformations. It contains the “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships” DVD that will guide you how to understand the changes to help you transform the number 1 issue in anyone’s life – relationships.

FasterEFT Gives You the Key to Healing Relationships

With over 12 hours of instructional videos in “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships,” expect to learn why you are not broken, the body’s stress system and how it directly affects your health, the meridians and the Faster EFT Tapping style. There is more in the list, best you check this page.

Also included in this course is a set of another 6 DVDs of healing and transformations that have been handpicked by Robert Smith to help you address all aspects of any relationship and bring you back on the track to love and happiness.

ultimate-relationship-cure-600x600The following DVDs are included:

  1. Perfect Love: Imperfect Relationships
  2. How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons
  3. Ultimate Forgiveness
  4. 7 Steps to Happiness
  5. Healing the Inner Child
  6. It’s More Powerful Than Will Power

Those were just some of the important topics and lessons. The Ultimate Relationship Cure comprises of over 60+ Faster EFT lessons that will ensure Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations.

If you stumbled upon this page and heard of FasterEFT for the first time, welcome to the FasterEFT community and grab this 7 Day Quick Start Course for free.

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