FasterEFT Helps You Conquer All Your Life Problems

FasterEFT is a thinking and healing system with an unparalleled understanding of how we produce problems in our lives. Contrary to most mind-body healing systems, FasterEFT is not focused on the myths and unproven theories about how we create, produce and cling to problems. It would definitely sound delusional to say that FasterEFT is a shortcut to achieving and sustaining a lifetime of happiness.

There is no shortcut, happiness comes with a lot of work, and most, if not all of that work relies on the mastery of the mind.

In a nutshell, FasterEFT provides resolutions to problems using the mind’s ability to transform, heal and create life. It has a belief system bound to biology, psychology, applied physical sciences and spiritual understanding. This is why it works.


Truth About Our Problems and The Mind

There are a few simple truths about the origin of our problems, regardless of the weight and the intensity. The number one truth about our problems is that they are produced in the mind. The mind is not the brain, the mind cannot be touched, smelt, physically heard or tasted. The mind is abstract; therefore, we can assume that it is the action within the brain or the nervous system.

However, there are so many models of the what the mind really is, that science is still investigating the vast recesses of our brains. To say that the mind is the action of the brain and the nervous system is to ascribe a temporary definition to it. In reality, every mental healing system, religion or culture will have varied definitions of the mind.

In the FasterEFT belief system, the mind is believed to be the precursor to every psychological and bodily function. Meaning the mind is so powerful it can heal the body and the brain itself with proper concentration. Anyone can activate mental healing. The techniques around the FasterEFT Belief System were developed by Robert Smith, to provide resolutions to life problems regardless of ethnicity, gender, age and religious background.

To gain a better understanding about the mind, it is important to understand that while we continually produce problems in the mind, the manifestations of its affects the integral parts of life, these are – the physical body, the spiritual life, our socioeconomic status, emotional health and mental health.

FasterEFT has a realistic and highly effective approach in fixing problems within and around these areas of life because its main focus is the mind. The mind controls everything in our life that is why FasterEFT is so focused on building a strong architecture of happiness for every individuals’ life for them to be able to sustain happiness with a flexible mind.

What Fuels the Mind to Function?

In order for any bodily system to function properly, there has to be something that fuels it. What then, makes the mind function? We need to break this down again into two functionalities, one being the physical function and the other is more abstract, mental or thought function.

To maintain good physical function of the nervous system it requires continuous nutrition that promotes cellular regrowth and repair. Further, nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring that the bio-chemical communication between cells are active and healthy.

On the other hand, the mind’s reaction to perception and information is predetermined by memories or stored information that acts as the basis for the “truth about life”, for every individual.

While people’s brains may look similar in terms of size, shape and weight, maybe even genetic makeup as in the cases of identical twins, it will fire different impulses that contribute to actions, behaviors and reactions.

While, on the surface they may act similarly, it is obvious that underneath – the encoding, storage and reaction of each individual mind is very different.

That is why, it is very important to note that we are all a creation of what we hold valid and true based on the memories and information we store in the mind. This applies to you, whether you believe in a Creator or not.

Your personal belief systems are influenced by your culture, family, community and the society at large. Combine this with your personal experiences is the basis of how your mind functions. It provides a structure to your thoughts and reactions to almost anything.

Problems Affecting the Physical Body

The body is very obedient to the mind. This goes hand in hand with the nervous system as an integral part of the body. The brain is obedient to the mind. In other words, what the mind perceives as joyful and safe, the brain follows by producing hormones that aligns the body’s reaction to a joyful experience. The brain then records that memory of an experiences as joyful and safe.

In short, if the mind keeps on producing mental patterns connected to pain and our focus is on unpleasant experiences, it will lead to eventual dictation of the brain to produce chemicals associated with pain or danger.

This is why it is very notable for highly stressed individuals to develop chronic pains around the body as tension builds up. Without releasing the source of the tension from the mind, it is impossible to bring the body back to a relaxed state.

That’s why massages and energy healing often only produce temporary results in outsmarting stress. This is because they are only addressing the symptoms and not the source.

All problems affecting the body are rooted in the mind. The source of physical problems is always found within the mind. 75 – 90% of visits to a physician are stress-related.

Meaning, the more an individual pays attention to mental health through the application of the FasterEFT technique to outsmart stress, the higher the chances of reducing or eliminating illnesses affecting the physical body.


Transform Your Life with FasterEFT

“Transform Your Life with FasterEFT” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of FasterEFT including the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the FasterEFT tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the FasterEFT tapping process by Robert Smith. See full course outline here.


Problems Arising from Spiritual Life

It is important that we deviate from the idea of spirituality being a religion. Religion is a set of rituals and following a mandatory code of ethics within its system of belief. Spirituality is the practice of the idea that there is a deeper non-physical part of “being.”

In other words, spirituality is aligned in the understanding that life is not bound to material things, for anything material and man-made is subject to destruction.

There are many problems in life that are bound in either lack or too much belief in spirituality. Robert G. Smith created FasterEFT with the realistic and undeniable views on spirituality away from what is commonly over-marketed as energy healing.

While it is true that energy systems of the body have an effect in physiological functions, it is also true that these energy systems are directly influenced by the mind. Meaning every individual has the power to influence their own body’s energy system, that contributes to health by utilizing the ability of the mind to transform and heal.

It doesn’t mean that a healing modality focused on energy systems is automatically more spiritually-focused than others. It is false to claim that in so many degrees and angles.

Spirituality is about gaining a deeper understanding on what we are all here for. It lies outside the debate of how we started and how we are created. Spirituality does not involve worship of divine beings. It is in fact, learning to respect, love and live in harmony with everything that exists.

The primary problems that arise from a lack of spirituality is that an individual may adapt to a materialistic mindset and, lose, or never understand the sense of purpose. When an individual lacks spirituality, they can create superficial beliefs for life. This is not good in the sense that, the mind adapt to false mindsets and may result in the person becoming unfulfilled.

Too much spirituality can also start to delude the mind with many unproven beliefs. It’s direct effect on someone’s life can be very much the same as a lack of it, feeling unfulfilled and not seeing the value in material fulfilment.

This why the FasterEFT belief system likes to train people how about maintaining a balance in terms of being spiritual – with not too much or too little. This way, a person is able to sustain happiness by heading on the path of awakening and realizing their life’s purpose.


Transformational Retreat in Adelaide, Australia – March 2017

The Transformational Retreat is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith. This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.

Robert Smith also selects volunteers from the audience to be tapped in the “Hot Seat” and this retreat is your opportunity to be that person! Please click here to view full event description.


Problems with Money

An individual’s socioeconomic status is the measure of an individual’s social position in relation to income, education and occupation. It seems like everyone has a problem with money, the rich and famous may have bigger money problems than those who live simple and humble lives.

This is the reality of life. We have varied and different interpretations of the happiness obtained from acquiring wealth.

How do money problems arise? Simply, by not having enough. Regardless if it is food you are wanting or basic clothing, to the next best smartphone, or a car to die for.

Every money problem is bound to the idea that there is lack of it. Even if more money comes in, some people seem to find new desires that require even more money to fulfil. There is nothing wrong with it because it propels an individual to set new goals and progress further. However, sustaining true and genuine happiness may become difficult if the focus is on the “lack.” Faster EFT is a thinking system that trains the mind to step out of the hedonic treadmill, by ascribing more appreciation to the present moment than by always focusing on the lack.

We create our own reality and we have the ability to transform our lives to be more abundant. It is best we understand that in order for our transformations to actualize. A great deal of work has to be done within the subconscious programming.

Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction and other powerful immutable laws of the universe, your ability to be wealthy and abundant is no doubt reliant on the flexibility of your mind.

With the layers of your consciousness working in perfect alignment with each other towards a particular goal, your emotions will power your thoughts and the universe will conspire and bring into actualization everything you are wanting.

Problems with Emotional Health

FasterEFT understands that emotions don’t simply rise and fall within our minds. Emotions power the thoughts and memories stored within the mind. A thought or mental pattern powered with positive emotions creates more good feeling thoughts and allows us to function positively both in mind, body and spirit.

A thought powered by negative emotions will definitely create more of its kind and encourage the body to react in a stressed state, like in anger, hate or go into depressed moods.

In other words, keeping your emotional health in check is an essential duty. Being mindful of your emotions will help encourage more good feelings over negative ones.

Easier said than done, because our emotions seem like a big bowl of pureed soup with different ingredients.

FasterEFT can heal you emotionally and best of all can help you recalibrate your emotions to directly affect your physiological reactions. With your emotional health in check, you have the ability to stay focused and allow the body to recover from stressful events without your soup of emotions stirred, causing you to go frantic and overreact.

This is made possible through FasterEFT Tapping, an actionable and easy to apply process created by Robert Smith that can help anyone immediately cut the frenzy of our emotions. The moment you feel that your emotions are becoming unstable, you can use FasterEFT tapping style to tap the problem away.

It can easily distract you from the problem and help you regain focus, bringing you to a neutral or happier feeling.

Our emotional health is an important aspect of living, it is not to be ignored because it is an indicator of our overall health.

Problems with Mental Health

There is a stigma attached to the word ‘mental health’. It appears that most people would immediately jump to the conclusion that anyone who checks their mental health either through psychotherapy or any other mental healing systems are crazy. In reality, we all are at some degree mentally unstable.

Even the most spiritual, wealthiest and emotionally flexible person will need to check on their mental health.

Mental disorders are not “disorders” in FasterEFT, they are seen as the mind’s coping skill as it adapts and aligns with what it holds true. For example, a person who has a phobia, is not a malfunctioning individual. It just so happens that whatever they fear has mental imprints that triggers resentment about that object or experience.

Every individual’s mental health is directly influenced by the imprints of memories within the mind. Meaning that clearing “disorders” and “illnesses” mean the imprints producing the structure of the problem have to be collapsed.

Faster EFT Memory Reimprinting is an advanced and highly sophisticated technique that deals with mental imprints causing disparity in an individual’s mental health. It can reimprint memories of the highest frequency that result in a problem and eliminate incapacitating symptoms.

Conquering Your Life Problems Through FasterEFT

The most practical, easy and natural way to conquer your life problems is through FasterEFT. It can help you deal with the most common to the most complex life issues that result in physical ailments. FasterEFT is a healing modality made available to anyone who wishes to make positive life transformations.

It is a technique applied by thousands of people coming from different walks of life including psychotherapists, holistic healing enthusiasts and naturopathy medicine. The reason for this is because it operates within logical, physically tangible mechanics.

Anyone can learn these techniques. In cases of high trauma and problems exhibiting moderate to severe symptoms, it is best to consult a psychotherapist who is a qualified FasterEFT practitioner or a FasterEFT Master Practitioner.

FasterEFT is the best healing system that complements other forms of treatment.


Level 1 Training in Adelaide, Australia – March 2017

Level 1 Training is a 7-day personal transformational training seminar that teaches you how to use the FasterEFT tapping style to tap on yourself. It includes the weekend Transformational Retreat introduction to FasterEFT (Sat, Sun), and continues on for another 5 days (Mon-Fri) of more in-depth training.

You will learn the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith. This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems, and to anyone who wants to become a FasterEFT practitioner. Click here for the full event description.

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Robert G. Smith continues to provide unparalleled information about positive life transformation through his YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and join about 10 Million viewers to the path of happiness.

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