FasterEFT Explanation on “The Interdependence of Our Experiences”

We are all in a cycle called life, and as a living thing, we are bound to have diverse experiences as we go through life. We cannot just bail out, there is no such thing. Everyone can agree that FasterEFT is not a completely new healing modality. But it is a new breed of healing with complete understanding on how our problems are created, structured and ultimately become an integral part of our minds and lives.

You became you, as you know it, and I became who I am as I know it. In the greater sense, you created who you are now and I created who I am. You cannot create me nor can I create you. It is impossible, if you are a Christian, then God created you, in the eyes of the materialist, you are created by your parents.

No argument if God created you, but in that model of belief, you were given freewill, meaning you are still free to create your own experiences, you cannot keep on blaming God for all the negative experiences you encounter. If you are a materialist, you cannot blame your parents for giving you life. In the sense that your parents may have been the source of your blood, bones and flesh, but they aren’t the source of your mind, your emotions and your experiences, you choose your experiences.

memory reimpritning

Among the biggest hurdle in explaining the complete understanding of Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations to some people is why we have problems and some are unable to face the fact that they are the captains of their boats, they are the pilots of their lives and ultimately the creator of their own reality. Some would say that it is human nature to look for something or someone to blame other than ourselves. There may be truth in that.

If you are very new to FasterEFT it is a true challenge in conventional wisdom of how problems exists in your life. While it may seem harsh like it is telling you that you created all your problems and it was your all your fault. No, there are no such thing like that in FasterEFT, there is no bullying in this modality. It only appears that way for people who wish to blame the world for all their misfortunes, but for those who kept an open mind to understand the FasterEFT Belief System, it is without judgment and is in fact a source of only joy, acceptance and peace.

The reason for the title “the interdependence of our experiences”

Because FasterEFT is not an entirely energy system, but a healing modality whose practices are bound with logic, tangible physical mechanics and science, the mind is where the workshop is in FasterEFT. Nowhere else, it does not operate on another level or dimension as subscribed to by other forms of healing. It is the mind, with great emphasis on the subconscious and the structures we built in and around it that greatly influences our conscious choices and view of reality.

FasterEFT acknowledges the importance of each and every experience we have in life, those painful, pleasant or neutral experiences. We cannot discard any of these memories otherwise we will defy some of the laws of the universe which are the foundations of that which we call life.

But FasterEFT would like to make you understand that the reason you behave the way you do, whether you have a disorder or not is because of your previous experiences. We are not only talking about last week, a month ago or a year ago. We are talking of your collective experiences since birth.

These collective experience is the basis of your mind to validate reality, it is the foundation in which our choices, judgement and emotions towards something or someone is based. It is ultimately where we create our current experience.

In short, your current experience is based on the memories you stored in your unconscious mind, they get filtered and processed through the structure you have built. So, if you were able to build a structure to fear spiders you develop arachnophobia. You built a structure in your mind based from the imprints recorded within your subconscious that are against a race or nationality, you become a racist. It is all in the mind of an individual until it again becomes collective and becomes a culture within a civilization.

So, if your experiences are directly influenced by the records based from previous experiences wouldn’t it be nice if you can reimprint these non-virtuous thoughts? Wouldn’t it be nice if an individual can just restructure his mind to perceive the world as different, happier perhaps? Exactly.

Memory Reimprinting

Reimprinting has been around for many years, but it was only until recently that more and more people are drawn into this kind of mind-body healing modality. Maybe because there have been so many aspects of the mind that modern and western medicine fail to address. FasterEFT became the summit, a healing modality which takes the most advantageous key principles of popular and effective techniques known to man.

Memory reimprinting in FasterEFT does not involve psychological reversal or subscribing to an idea of energy dispersal or fragmentation of energy causing bits and pieces trapped in time and space.

It is very firm in the understanding that you are a complete being and that it is only the structures within the mind that needs tuning in order to become well. Again, the mind is everything. If the theory of entities outside the mind or “self” is existing it is very much the same to the idea that we can blame energies and how the world works. Blaming the nature of existence, a creator or a belief system will not contribute to empowerment. We cannot blame, we are here to live and it is our birth right to thrive without blaming our fortune and misfortune to an entity or laws of the universe.

Everything is working perfectly as it should. The abnormal behavior and those things labeled as disorders that manifests in an individual has something to do with how they are wired and how they chose to program their minds. Often when the person has been exposed to extreme pain, danger and suffering, the mind automatically relates all other incoming experiences to a particular memory or set of memories from a previous experience.

Even in times when no actual danger is present, a person may still be hyperaware, anxious or exhibit symptoms of a disorder. You will always catch the phrase “coping skills” in FasterEFT talks and articles and blogs. The reason behind this is because these disorders and its accompanying symptoms are viewed in FasterEFT as skills, the mind is very skillful in trying to prevent further injuries, mental, physical or emotional, that is the reason why.

However, it does not mean this natural skill of the mind is always beneficial and must be kept forever. If we were taught from a young age how to immediately identify and discard unbeneficial thoughts, it would have been easier, but that isn’t the case. The term skills is used to make people understand how coping skills vary from one person to the next depending on the recorded experiences stored in the unconscious.

To be clear, it is not the coping skills that is being collapsed in FasterEFT when reimprinting memories, coping skills are essential to keep us safe from danger, what is ultimately collapsed is the structure of the negative mental patterns causing equally negative behavior that is misaligned to that which is normal. Normal is relative to culture and society, yet the term normal used in this article is to mean, true nature of the mind, calm, peaceful, productive and aligned with joy.

Memory reimprinting is a great tool to handle trauma and other negative experiences, but it does not change what happened, it only changes your perception of the memory and negative thoughts that surround it.

The goal in memory reimprinting is to collapse the structure of the negative mental and behavioral patterns and problems that does not benefit an individual.

In short, the person will be the same, the person will remain to be the same person although after FasterEFT memory reimprinting he or she will have a different perspective and a more positive mental structure that will enable them to function better in life and ultimately serve their purpose with joy.

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