The FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting Belief System Compared to Matrix Reimprinting

This article will just cover the lengthy list of similarities and major differences between FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting and Matrix Reimprinting.

All kinds of healing modalities operate within a belief system of how and why we have problems. Whether these belief systems in which a healing modality operate is published and documented or not, is the determining factor of its speed, accuracy and efficiency in addressing issues.

The belief system of Matrix Reimprinting may have very similar goals, but the operation on achieving the goals are very different from each other. Please check out the FasterEFT Medium Publication entry that talks about The Differences That Made FasterEFT Better Than Matrix Reimprinting.


Matrix Reimprinting is an Energy System, FasterEFT is NOT

Matrix Reimprinting is similar to Regular EFT which operates in the concept of energy system. Faster EFT is not operating in the same premise, infact, FasterEFT operates within the bounds of:

  1. How the brain and the body works together as influenced by the mind.
  2. Down-to-earth logic.
  3. Tangible physical mechanics rather than solely based on energy.

There is more and it is covered in Discover and Learn the Truth and Science Behind FasterEFT.

Matrix Reimprinting Energy Fragmentation (ECHO) Due to Trauma

It is believed in Matrix Reimprinting that due to trauma, an individual’s energy fragments. It usually happens during childhood but may be an occurrence during adult life. The fragment which breaks away from the whole is called an ECHO which gets trapped in time and space of the Matrix.

FasterEFT does not subscribe to this idea in the sense that imagine how many fragments of a person or echo you have to individually address in order to make an impactful change in a single lifetime.

The Use of Psychological Reversal

There is nowhere in the corners of the FasterEFT belief system where it subscribes to this concept. In order to be able to successfully use Matrix Reimprinting, you have to create visions in the same sense a movie clip is created and use these clips to form a movie in which you have to give title to base on your heightened emotions about it. It will be your way to reimprint positive memories to the ECHOs or fragmented parts of you that are currently trapped in the Matrix. It will only work best if you can visualize your ECHOs as real people.

FasterEFT understands that not everyone is a visual creature, that some people are more drawn and cling to memories through sound and smell or other sensory organs. Knowing these, FasterEFT Reimprinting can guarantee a more successful way of dealing with issues.

FasterEFT Focuses on the Subconscious

Our subconscious mind is the vessel of all our memories, good, bad and neutral. Each of our experience is filtered through the existing data from previous experiences. In short, whatever you deal with, the subconscious mind prompts the brain and the body to respond according to what it perceives. The data held within the subconscious forms the foundation of each individual’s version and perception of reality.

FasterEFT Embraces the Fact That You Are Whole

There are no “broken” people in FasterEFT. Each individual is in perfect alignment to that which they hold within themselves as valid and true within their subconscious mind. If you change the records within the subconscious mind it will automatically result to change in other aspects of the mind and behavioral patterns and ultimately how things physically manifest.

There are no other entities within you nor are there other entities outside of the “self” that can have a direct effect on your life. It is all about the programming within the subconscious mind and how it formed structures of beliefs supporting each problem.

You Do Not Need to Address Each Individual Problem in FasterEFT

Since the subconscious has formed structures with links to various experiences and information, addressing certain memories will automatically result in collapse of others.


While FasterEFT and Matrix Reimprinting both use memory reimprinting to change memories and perception to contribute to healing they are operating on two very different systems. Moreover, while both use Tapping as a way to release the issues, FasterEFT Tapping Style is very different.

Perhaps the key differences in the belief system, processes and techniques what made FasterEFT the choice of most people.

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