FasterEFT Explains the Pivotal Aspects in Manifesting Your Desires

Faster EFT is a thinking system that compliments most models of teachings about the Law of Attraction. We say most, but not all because obviously, Law of Attraction has been marketed time and again as a product to be sold to the people.

With that in mind, the way the Law of Attraction is understood has shifted. Life is indeed magical, but the magic unfolds with its origin in the mind.

We say “Faster EFT compliments” most models of teachings because it is a modality that helps an individual gain a better understanding of the world. It does not go against anything that truly promotes wellness, health and abundance. It is, in fact, the missing piece that most people are looking for to make sense of the world around them.



Whether you believe in a supreme Creator as taught by the mainstream religions of the world, or you prefer other philosophies when it comes to faith, as long as the core of your personal belief is anchored in compassion and kindness, Faster EFT will not work against you.

It will help propel you to reach higher learning and understanding about your life’s ultimate purpose.

The Universe is very obedient to whatever we produce within our minds. That is why it is important to understand the pivotal aspects in manifesting your desires.

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1. Memories

We are equipped with highly specialized sensory organs that evolved through time to grant us a better understanding about the world around us. All our senses work perfectly to acquire the essential knowledge in order for us to survive.

Through these senses our brain records each experience to provide us with a reference or “proof” to understand incoming experiences as we progress through life. Memories that are charged with extreme emotions are immediately imprinted and stored within the subconscious mind, the mind has the tendency to actively use them even in experiences that do not directly relate to it.

This is very obvious in cases of chronic stress and PTSD. A person overreacts to even the slightest trigger or the body is in a non-stop state of emergency.

In other words, our lifetime of memories are not forgotten. They are all stored within the subconscious and the unconscious mind, and are active precursors in forming our perception of reality.

Without memories, the mind will then process everything as neutral. Then a person has no recognition of familiarity, which can also become a problem. As you progress you will learn why it holds the key to manifesting your desires.


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2. Thoughts

Thoughts are never in singularity, they always play within the mind as a cluster. Our cluster of thoughts is what makes us who we are. These interlinked patterns lead to virtuous behavior and non-virtuous behavior.

References to create new thoughts are drawn from memories and have a substantial influence on behavior.

You cannot reimprint thoughts, but you can reimprint memories to form better thoughts. Since thoughts are active and transient while memories are actual mental records that can be manipulated. In other words, thoughts are impulses being drawn from memories.

In short, changing the memories will change the thoughts produced by the memory within the mind.

3. Emotions

Our emotions are the indicators of whether we are functioning in alignment to the truth held within the subconscious mind.

If for example, you are holding a conscious a thought in your mind that gives you a negative feeling, that indicates that within your subconscious or unconscious mind is a source saying that it is not in alignment to what it holds valid and true.

This is how resistance is formed. It would’ve been great if resistance was only working towards limiting non-virtuous acts and thoughts. Sadly, the mind is not able to discriminate in terms of perception, it all relies on the memories it uses as reference for reactions.

This is why emotions play a vital role in manifesting your innermost desires. To get rid of the resistance, you need to uproot the source or the memory supporting the resistance. Unless it is done, emotions will never fuel affirmations to make it work.

Begin Manifesting Your Desires

Mastering the concept above on how our memories, thoughts and emotions influence our power to attract all that we are wanting without resistance, will prove that the Law of Attraction does work.

The reason most people reject the idea of the Law of Attraction is because some teachings forget to emphasize the power of memories and how it influences our lives.

Remember, that the true power to attract everything you want relies on your ability to produce desires without resistance from within your deeper consciousness. Collapsing toxic belief systems that produce problems is the initial step in welcoming an abundant life.

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