Why is FasterEFT a Priority Above Everything Else?

The short answer is: Because it affects everything else. Prioritizing using FasterEFT daily is like making sure you find your car keys before you go out to drive your car.

You could save time and not bother looking for them, but pushing the car is a lot harder and more time-consuming than driving it.

Making your use of FasterEFT a top priority above everything else means you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success in all areas of your life.

Why is FasterEFT a Priority Above Everything Else

How FasterEFT Affects All Other Priorities

These are just a few examples of priorities that many people feel stop them from using FasterEFT consistently; but whatever your list of priorities may be, FasterEFT should be at the top – because it affects everything else on that list.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

You can continue to struggle to fit everything into the little time you have, feeling stressed and being unable to be as creative and productive as you could be; or, you could invest a small amount of time into using FasterEFT to change the original records your subconscious is referring to that are causing the lack of time. When you think about it, everyone has the same number of hours in the day.

How much you’re able to get done in that time comes down to just a few determining factors: How you manage your time; how much you take on; how organized you are and the systems you have in place; your problem-solving abilities; and how focused you are. All of those factors are controlled by the subconscious records you are carrying. Change the records, and you will automatically find yourself making different decisions, seeing different opportunities, feeling more organized and more energetic, being more productive and creative – and so much more.

I’m Too Tired

Using FasterEFT will help you to improve your quality of sleep and your energy levels. Feeling tired can often be connected to stress and unhappiness. Whatever the cause of your fatigue, using FasterEFT will help you to change the original cause. Prioritizing using FasterEFT (Mental Tapping if you’re really too tired to tap physically) will help you to go from feeling too tired to tap, to having plenty of energy for everything you want to, or need to, do in your life.

I Don’t Believe it Works on Everything

The only way around this is to try it! Again, if you prioritize it, you will find that other things fall into place. When you think it doesn’t work – tap on that! And keep going until you do get what you want. Everything else becomes easier when you’ve worked with your subconscious to change existing limiting beliefs and programming.

I Need to Get Work or Chores Done First

The reason for prioritizing using FasterEFT over everything else is that it makes everything else much easier and more effective. If you have chores or work to do, start by taking a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath and check in with yourself on how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind. Then, use the FasterEFT technique to clear and flip anything that is bothering you. By doing this, you will be putting your body and brain into the optimal state for achieving the best results in whatever it is you’ll be doing. Apart from anything else, the prefrontal cortex of your brain (responsible for your cognitive thinking) will be working more effectively, resulting in higher levels of productivity, creativity and problem-solving.

My Family Comes First

The way to really put your family first is to make sure you are cleaning up the stuff inside you that is affecting them. By making it a priority to change the records in your subconscious that are causing your automatic reactions, behaviors, sensitivities, judgements and criticisms, you will be able to dramatically improve all of your relationships.

I Need to Spend All of My Spare Time on _____________

Whatever ____________ is, you will be able to achieve better results if you prioritize using FasterEFT to clear any limiting beliefs and patterns before you go ahead with it.

Using FasterEFT to work with your subconscious to change the records it holds that affect the nature of your reality will turbo-boost all of your other efforts in every area of your life. It really is the top priority because it affects absolutely everything else.

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