The FasterEFT Quick Tap

Learning to use the Quick Tap will help you to speed up your success with FasterEFT.

What is the Quick Tap? While working with thousands of people on a wide range of issues, Robert G. Smith (the creator of FasterEFT) noticed that there were certain issues that seemed to be common across the board. In order to increase the speed of results, he put together the “Quick Tap” that addresses these common issues in the first round of tapping. The result is the ability to reach a core subconscious record more quickly and directly.


How it Works

As you use the phrases of the Quick Tap, you will find that certain words may produce a reaction of some sort. You may feel a physical sensation or feel an emotional reaction to one or more of the words; or you may have certain memories or thoughts come to you when you hear a particular word.  When this happens, notice which word/s caused the reaction, and you will know where to aim at for the next round.

For example, if you are addressing a pain in your shoulder, and as you do the Quick Tap, you notice that when you say the word “betrayals” you feel a sensation in your chest and a childhood memory comes to you – you will know that there is a connection between the pain in your shoulder, whatever happened in that memory from your childhood and the feeling of being betrayed. You will then be able to address the memory, and any other feelings of betrayal that may come to you. If you don’t have a reaction to any of the words in the Quick Tap, that’s okay, just continue to tap using the “let it go” phrases.

The Wording of the Quick Tap

These are the words you need to include in the Quick Tap; however the order doesn’t matter – you can say them in any order, as long as you include them all.

I release and let go of:

All sadness

All fears

All emotional traumas

All anger






All Helplessness


Feelings of no control


And everything else.

That’s right, let it all go. It’s safe to let it go.

Using the Quick Tap at the beginning of a session will help you to quickly identify any root issue that is connected to your problem or that is underlying in general and is affecting your life overall.

Remember to continue to tap until the feelings, thoughts and memories have completely flipped.

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To see FasterEFT in action, watch the videos on the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

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