FasterEFT and Scientific Studies

Some people have been hesitant to try FasterEFT because there haven’t been any scientific studies specifically researching FasterEFT yet. Since the system is still very new, this is not surprising; but should you really wait until science has caught up before you try something new?

The answer depends on the risks involved in the thing you want to try. With experimental drugs and other products or treatments that come with a risk to your physical, mental or emotional health, it is wise to wait for the appropriate and official scientific research that proves it’s safe before you try it.

However, with something that carries no risk, it makes sense to simply try it for yourself rather than waiting for whatever science eventually gets around to proving years down the line.

FasterEFT and Scientific Studies

How Long Will You Wait?

Taking a look at how long it took science to get around to researching other “alternative treatments” you may be in for a very long wait. Reiki, Regular EFT, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, hypnotherapy and many other “alternative” methods of healing and maintaining physical, mental and emotional health, have all been found to offer varying degrees of valid medical relief through various scientific research and randomized studies; however, these treatments and modalities had been helping countless people long before they were even considered for research by the scientific community.

You have a choice in how you spend the time it takes for science to catch up: wait for the science, while you continue to experience the same problems and challenges; or start using FasterEFT, and benefit from it in the meantime.

What’s at Stake?

Considering the fact that FasterEFT is not a drug or an invasive treatment, and that you are in control throughout the process, there is no risk involved in using it.

In the same way millions of people benefitted from meditation, Reiki, mindfulness and EFT long before there was any scientific research on these methods, you can be enjoying your new, transformed life long before science catches up to FasterEFT.

The research into the mind-body connection, as well as the latest research into epigenetics and the aforementioned modalities should be enough to give good reason to at least try FasterEFT since it works specifically with the mind-body connection, using what science already knows about the way stress and emotions affect the body.

The Choice

Waiting for scientific evidence before trying FasterEFT is like being in freezing temperatures, and being told there are coats in a nearby closet – and insisting you want proof the coats are there before you open the door and take one.

If you have problems in your life that you would like to solve – no matter what they are – you can make significant changes using FasterEFT. But you need to take the step. You need to open the door and see if there’s a coat inside the closet. Otherwise, you’ll simply freeze.

You could look around elsewhere to see if you can find something that will keep you warm; but if someone has told you that there are coats in that closet (they got the one they’re wearing from that same closet) and all you need to do is open it, it makes sense to do so and see for yourself.

If you’re really fed up with being cold, you’ll take the opportunity to open the closet and see for yourself. If you’re really fed up with the challenges you’re facing and you really want to improve your life, you’ll take the opportunity to try FasterEFT and see for yourself.

Having seen the vast number of people who have achieved such remarkable transformations in such a wide range of areas of life, by watching the YouTube videos, you have a choice: continue to live with your challenges while you wait for the science; or take the step to use the technique for yourself – since it doesn’t cost anything financially, and you don’t need to rely on anyone else to do it for you, this makes sense. Simply read The FasterEFT System and Tips on Using FasterEFT, and/or watch the YouTube videos, and then start using it.

Then, enjoy your new life, and let science catch up whenever it gets round to it.

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