FasterEFT Shows You How to Deal Fearing World Events

Hearing about what’s going on in the world can be scary – especially since the media aim to make the most of their stories, and it is human nature to be absorbed and caught up in anything that evokes extreme stress emotions.

However, even those who know that focusing on negativity and fear of world events will not only do nothing to help those involved, it also causes damage to the observer who feels the fear and negativity, often find it difficult to pull themselves away from it. Why is tragedy, threat and drama so absorbing?

Why is it so hard to pull ourselves away from the news – even when we know it’s unhealthy to keep watching or reading it? There are very logical reasons for the compulsion – and very simple solutions you can use, to free yourself from it.

How to Deal with the Fear of World Events

Why is the Fear of World Events So Addictive?

In order to understand why it’s so difficult to pull away from the negativity and fear that news of world events can bring – from political drama and injustice, to terror attacks and unexplained violence – it is helpful to consider what happens inside the human brain and body when we are exposed to frightening or otherwise provocative news.

Since the human brain and body are designed to prioritize survival, the most powerful “fix” of chemicals and physiological sensations occur in the presence of danger and threat.

When we hear about something that the subconscious interprets as a threat, it prompts the brain to trigger the limbic system to produce fight-freeze-or-flight chemicals.

One of the effects of these chemicals is to provide a shot of energy – designed to increase our chances of survival in fighting or running away; but when not needed for those purposes, this effect acts as a “fix” – a thrill. Although we won’t necessarily be aware of this, the body responds as it would to a recreational drug.

The Role of the Conscious Mind

This “fix” causes the cells of the body and brain to want more of these chemicals. Since the conscious mind is unaware of the craving, it uses its logic and reason to provide acceptable reasons for providing the body with its “fix”.

In other words, the person will reason that it is important to know what’s going on in the world; they may believe that watching, reading, or discussing the reports of terrible and worrying events happening in the world is a necessity for a range of reasons.

Even those who know that focusing on negativity and fear is bad for them will often feel compelled to become involved in the details of these events and situations.

The reason is – the cells of the body and brain are craving the powerful effect of the stress chemicals, and they are sending signals to the brain to do whatever it takes to produce those chemicals – which the conscious mind responds to with reasoning and logic.

The conscious mind is, for the most part, completely unaware of this. It’s like hosting an addict you don’t know about – who keeps giving you good reasons to provide them with their drug of choice using logic that you can’t argue with.

On Using FasterEFT to Change the Pattern

The fact that feeling fear regarding what’s going on in the world does nothing to change the events or situations you’re worried about – in addition to the fact that the fear has a powerfully damaging effect on your physical, mental and emotional health – means that it is a priority to find a way to break the automatic compulsion to expose yourself to the fear.

Although you may have found it near to impossible in the past – the combination of the powerful effects of those chemicals and the skill of your conscious mind in producing logical reasons for continuing to watch, read and think about those events – there is a way to break free from the pattern.

  1. The first step is to realize and acknowledge that if you can’t do anything to change something, then focusing on it, learning the details, discussing it and dwelling on it are not going to do anything to change it. In fact, all that does is cause damage to your own body, with a knock-on effect on all areas of your life.
  1. The next step is to use FasterEFT to change the data in your subconscious that is causing your brain and body to respond the way it does to news of these events. The feelings you feel – fear, anger, sadness and any other responses – are not permanent; they can be changed. Those automatic responses can be changed by changing the original records in your subconscious. The great thing about this is that you will not need to make yourself respond differently – you will simply do so automatically. For a detailed guide on using the FasterEFT technique, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.
  1. From now on, whenever you find yourself reading, listening to, discussing, or in any other way becoming involved in world events that make you feel negative emotions, use FasterEFT to clear the feelings as well as the compulsion to focus on the events. Remind yourself – if there is nothing you can do to help change them, there is no reason to focus on them. And if there is something you can do to change them, you will be far more effective if you are in a positive emotional and mental state than if you are responding negatively.

For more information on how your subconscious creates the data that are causing your current relationship with world events, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

To find out more about how FasterEFT works, watch the videos in the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

Article by: Robert Smith

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