FasterEFT Solves The Problem with Optimism To Enjoy Life

Studies have shown that those who see the “glass half-full” and who “look on the bright side” are more likely to succeed. Furthermore, the various clinical studies suggest that these people are:

1. Less likely to suffer from certain medical conditions

2. Enjoy healthier relationships

3. Can cope better during difficult times

However, there is a problem with optimism. Whether being optimistic helps a person to succeed or not, depends on the structure behind that optimism.

There are different causes of the tendency to see a silver lining; and looking a little more closely at these causes can help to fine-tune optimism – to huge effect.


The Problem with Optimism

What Causes Optimism?


Like everything else, optimism is the result of records held in the subconscious. Although it may seem to be a series of conscious choices, the truth is, those conscious choices are responses to the existing subconscious data. In other words, the way we view things that we consider conscious is always relative to information stored in our subconscious. 


What’s Wrong with Optimism?


There are people who are very optimistic, but remain to fail in certain areas of their lives. There are extremely optimistic people who seem to be unable to get through common life hurdles like the following:

1. Getting out of debt

2. Earn enough to pay their bills

3. Maintain a healthy weight

4. Stick to healthy habits

5. Succeed in business

6. Create and enjoy rewarding romantic relationships

7. Find peace and self-appreciation

The list can go lengthy. Optimism can be very beneficial but it is not all it takes to succeed. It depends on the structure on which optimism is built. The foundation or the intrinsic motivation that propels optimism is a very important aspect in becoming successful with just about anything.


How to Make Optimism Pay


If you consider yourself a “glass half-full” kind of person; but you are still struggling in any area of your life, it’s time to look a little closer. It’s time to go a little deeper. Take a moment to consider how you know you have a problem. Notice how you know it’s a problem. Then, notice what happens inside you when you think about it.

You may feel physical sensations; you may feel powerful emotions; or you may see images or remember sounds. Whatever it is, just notice it. Then use the FasterEFT technique to clear and flip it.

The aim is to change whatever data is held in your subconscious preventing you from reaping the benefits of your optimism.


Being optimistic is not enough on its own. You need the foundation, the structure of subconscious data (proof and evidence) to support that optimism. For more information on subconscious records, how they’re created, and how they affect daily life, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems and What Determines Your Character and Personality?


For details on how to use FasterEFT read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step or watch Video 69 in the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.


To watch Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT) explain how the mind works, and to see it in action, visit the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.


Article by: Robert G. Smith



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