FasterEFT Ultimate Weight Loss Course is Focused to Make Immediate Changes

Losing weight was never easy for a lot of people until they get acquainted to FasterEFT. The reason behind the immediate changes that FasterEFT delivers is because it has a thorough explanation abut the real reason behind weight-gain and how to effectively release it.

Achieving your ideal body weight depends mostly on your perception about food and Robert G. Smith understands exactly how to change that and align it towards your overall well-being.

FasterEFT Ultimate Weight Loss Course is Focused to Make Immediate Changes

Addressing Weight Loss with FasterEFT

All our issues in life have causes that are subconscious, the best thing about using FasterEFT to address weight loss is that you do not need to directly know the individual causes in order to address them, you begin only by acknowledging how you know it’s there.

The reason why you have eating disorders or have irregular and unhealthy eating habits must be connected to the following:

  1. Strong emotional connection with food.
  2. Food has become a temporary escape for you.
  3. You feel pressured into eating.

There might be other underlying issues. Those mentioned above are best explained in this post.

How Does FasterEFT Work with Weight Loss?

Using Faster EFT to lose weight is very effective if used correctly. Unlike other programs that addresses symptoms of weight issues, Faster EFT goes right to the cause of the problem. Because of this, losing weight becomes more natural, easier and results are immediately noticeable.

The effectiveness of FasterEFT guarantees that the person will also show less or no withdrawal at all, this is because it can eliminate the thought patterns that may cause to trigger withdrawal and cravings.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program that Works

Resistance to unhealthy diet and forcing yourself to get up and exercise is bound to be very difficult and might cause you to struggle and fail. Faster EFT on the other hand will work on changing the inner desires in your subconscious mind causing you to naturally choose a healthier diet without effort. Moreover, it will drive you to have an intrinsic motivation to exercise.

How is this possible? It is because the subconscious mind refers to the stored records within it, it then prompts the conscious mind to signal the body accordingly. In short, working to change the records held within subconscious mind will naturally change your conscious choices that have direct impact on your behavior and physical fitness.

The Faster EFT Ultimate Weight Loss Program is created not only to focus on immediate physical fitness and weight loss but ultimately focused on the psychology behind weight-gain and how to develop a healthy mindset.

FasterEFT Ultimate Weight Loss Course is Focused to Make Immediate Changes

The Only Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need

This weight loss course includes the fundamentals of Faster EFT, not only those focused on weight loss. The lessons included in the 24 DVDs are divided into 6 weeks each, you will be guided through to ensure the best results. The following is an overview of the lessons within the course:



1.      Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind

This contains 6 DVDs of about 28 lessons including the basics of FasterEFT tapping style and how you can use it to change your habits. This will be your introduction to a healthier lifestyle that will definitely help you be more aligned to a healthy new you.

2.      The Secret to Weight Loss

Another set of 6 DVDs that will be tackle that topics of weight loss with more depth and precision. This set is going to change your perception about food’s purpose and help you apply affirmations more effectively.

3.      Weight Loss Tapping Only Series

A set of 5 DVDs focused on FasterEFT Tapping style to completely eradicate your triggers to overeat and choosing an unhealthy diet. This set is bound to change your life as it delivers the techniques you will need to get rid of your old eating habits and choices.

4.      3 Single Weight Loss DVDs

There are 3 very important topics in that will be discussed and covered, these are:

  1. Food Addictions and Weight Loss
  2. Weight Loss: Make it work for you
  3. Conquer Emotional Overeating

5.      Bonus lessons

Fastereft.com throws in these 4 bonus DVDs:

  1. Perfect Love: Imperfect Relationships
  2. Seven Steps to Happiness
  3. Why You Behave in the Ways You Hate
  4. Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity

6.      2 Books

  1. Weight Loss Course Workbook
  2. “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay

This program is a total of 40 hours of video training and 2 books, usually valued at $525.

Get it today for only $299.00 as a special advance holiday treat of FasterEFT.com and Robert Smith.

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