FasterEFT Understands What Can Truly Make You Happy

FasterEFT is an undeniably powerful process that understands how to really align anyone’s life to happiness. It is proven to work regardless of your religious background and age, a process the clearly aims to liberate one’s mind to achieve happiness.

FasterEFT is a healing system with a heavy emphasis on the mind. When we say healing, it doesn’t only apply to physical ailments. Healing, is a generic term used within the Faster EFT belief system, to signify an overcoming of any kind of problem in life. In a bigger sense, if you could examine each individual’s mind through both scientific and spiritual methods, you would find that we all have issues at some degree.

FasterEFT Understands What Can Truly Make You Happy

The only way to judge whether our issues need immediate medical and/or psychiatric attention, is to judge them from preset “normal values”, as described by society and culture at large. However, it’s worth noting that even these so called “normal values”, are in a constant state of change. As times change, so do our expectations about an individual’s behavior.

As a healing system, Faster EFT offers solutions to all of life’s problems we encounter as a society. It has a clear understanding on how we produce problems and cling to these problems making them an integral part of who we are. We are all trapped in the delusion that our past is what makes us who we are. In the very same vein, we can question and can get rid of our problems.

By letting go of the past, we are not denying the existence of it. That’s a skewed way of thinking about FasterEFT. What FasterEFT does is to help an individual with letting go of problems created within one’s own mind. What we here at Faster EFT wish to make you understand is simply that, the problems created in the past and all its related memories do not have a bearing on what the future holds for you.

Programming the Mind to Be Happy Using FasterEFT

Contrary to some myths and false information about FasterEFT, programming the mind through memory reimprinting and other processes developed by Robert G. Smith does not mean you totally let go of who you were before learning about Faster EFT.

Simply put, you’ll slowly start to identify false belief systems and you can start letting them all go. Release them and put them out of your mind. Whether or not you believe that the FasterEFT Belief System works, doesn’t impact its effectiveness. In fact, what Robert G. Smith encourages everyone to do is take one process at a time and use it as your working hypothesis.

If it doesn’t work, collaborate with a high-level practitioner or anyone through the dedicated community forum. If you still find that it’s not working, then reject FasterEFT. FasterEFT is not a cult-like modality and community like some popular but similar tapping methodologies. No one can force you to adopt these teachings if it doesn’t work for you.

However, FasterEFT is a guaranteed process that will make positive life transformations with impact. That is our guarantee.

Programming the mind to be happy simply means collapsing of old mental structures coming from your long-standing beliefs that do not benefit you, and reimprinting a better structure within your mind that will help you attain anything that will align you to happiness.


It is All about YOU, NOW! Robert Smith explains how memories work and the secret that will change your life forever. from Faster EFT on Vimeo.

How then do we collapse negative mental structures? It is a process that begins with identification. All our problems have a mental source. Your mind is an undeniably big storage space full of memories and information that you have gathered since day one on this planet.

That goes for everyone, regardless of your religious affiliation, ethnicity, age or gender. Whether you believe in God as a creator or you are an atheist. Whether you have sharp mental faculties or not.

You are bound to this phenomenon of the mind, you function because of your mind, or as it’s physical counterpart – the ‘brain’, or consciousness if you prefer a more religious term.

Whatever term you may wish to call it, you function because of it. The mind is an evolving and ever growing part of you. You did not come into this life with a fixed mindset. You learned first how to crawl before you started walking and slowly began to understand how to run.

This is similar to every other life experience, they become the basis of what we now understand as knowledge. From crawling a baby learns that the ground is hard and from there he/she begins to have an inherent understanding of the law of gravity.

You do not have to explain the calculations of physics to a child, they will gain this knowledge through their experiences, from their falling off the bed, to their first stumbles as they learn to walk and then run.

In other words, as adults now, our responses to almost anything have to come from a source within the mind, otherwise we are not alive. So, our responses are directly related to our personal knowledge of what is good, what is bad, what is pleasant, what is unpleasant and what is neutral or new. These are the basis for understanding how we “filter” thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Transform Your Life with FasterEFT

“Transform Your Life with FasterEFT” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of FasterEFT including the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the FasterEFT tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the FasterEFT tapping process by Robert Smith. Get full course description here.


To program the mind to be happy you need to identify the negative mental patterns that is causing you unhappiness. The source may be a heartbreak, how you were raised, by whom you were raised, or other negative experiences at various stages of your life.

The source of your unhappiness maybe from a difficult childhood or maybe from an intense emotional experience during your early adult life. The list can go on and on, because each individual will have a varied and unique source of unhappiness.

Upon identification of this source of unhappiness, you slowly work on collapsing it, the FasterEFT process involves manipulating the “trances” you inhibit. These are the actions you inhibit as a result of what you produce when an emotionally charged memory or thought is provoked. You will be guided on how to de-fractionate, a method in which you will be pulled out of your trance of an experience, making it less intense each time you go back.

It is an easy yet highly powerful process, that can lead to the eventual release of the emotions supporting your belief about a problem.

In reality, as we function on a daily basis, not all our choices are made consciously. Our behavior towards almost everything is guided by the subconscious and unconscious mind, by signaling to the brain to react whether an experience is positive, negative or neutral.

Some of our behaviors will be guided by memories consolidated within the long-term memory, meaning the mind can easily process the situation and information without having to use other mental processes. If the situation requires more thinking or learning something new, the mind will use other resources to encode the memories.

In some other cases, if we are processing something like taking someone’s phone number, we get a pen and paper to jot it down, and we usually don’t remember the phone number unless it’s very important, in this case, we utilize the short-term memory function of the mind.

In other words, we process and encode memories and information depending on our need at the time. Moreover, we store memories across the brain’s cortex depending on how emotionally charged they are.

The mind stores memories that are emotionally charged and uses them frequently as filters to identify whether an experience should be assumed positive, negative or neutral. That is the main reason why you remember birthday surprises over your other birthdays more vividly.

And it is the very same reason why you cling to being angry at one situation that happened years ago, and remember exactly what happened and the person or persons involved.

This encoding of memories within the mind and its understanding has made FasterEFT the pinnacle of all mental healing modalities. The only mental healing process that trains an individual how to build sustainable happiness within their lives is by first programming the mind to align to happiness.


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What Truly Makes You Happy and Unhappy

Each time you get what you don’t want and each time you don’t get what you want – makes you unhappy. Because happiness is inherent and unique to every individual. What can make you happy, for example, is owning a brand-new Mercedes, and the person who already has that might be wanting your husband or a wife instead, because that is what will make them happy.

In other words, you possess within your life a lengthy list that can make another person happy somewhere in this planet, while others seem to possess a list of things that can make you happy. This varies because of our individual and unique mental programming.

The moment you think you want something and imagine the hurdles between you and that thing, you automatically create unhappiness. The moment you achieve something that makes you happy and realize you’re a big step further to achieving another goal, you are again unhappy.

FasterEFT has an understanding on how our wants expands. It is also a process that can collapse this eternal need that seem to put us on a non-stop treadmill.

Through the FasterEFT process you can learn how to sustain happiness when it arrives. You can learn how to feel the joy of being content as you aspire for something more meaningful rather than just forever wanting the new iPhone or a new car or new furniture or whatever is popular and new.

FasterEFT on How to Make Your Dreams Come True

The FasterEFT Belief system operates with down to earth logic which aims to cut our bonds to unrealistic views of the world as it takes us closer to our aspirations of living a meaningful, healthy and valuable lives.

FasterEFT will help you to realize abundance mindset without the promise of unrealistic results. It is true that FasterEFT subscribes to the Law of Attraction, but it has a complete and solid understanding of how this law plays out in our lives.

Your subconscious and unconscious mind is a law of attraction machine which adds fuel to the speed of your manifestation into the physical world. Without your mind in full and total belief that you deserve and need the thing you are wanting, regardless of whether it is as small as a button or a pile of cash – it has to be aligned with your mind and the law of attraction will work its magic.

However, the same is true of the law of gravity. You need to first harness and understand the power of this law. Simply knowing it will not yield benefits. If you jump from an aircraft without a parachute, you will hit the ground and injure yourself.

So, if you really want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, understand that your emotions and thoughts are really the biggest players in making your dreams come true, otherwise you are reciting affirmations and wishes to no avail.

Fuel the manifestation of your desires with true and powerful emotions created from within, then you are guaranteed to see, feel, touch, smell and own that thing you are wanting. Hack through your subconscious mind to reimprint those memories and thoughts that lead to doubt, anger, hate or disbelief that you deserve whatever it is you are wanting.


Transformational Retreat in Adelaide, Australia – March 2017

The Transformational Retreat is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith. This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.

Robert Smith also selects volunteers from the audience to be tapped in the “Hot Seat” and this retreat is your opportunity to be that person! Please click here to view full event description.


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A session with the FasterEFT Master Practitioner, the creator of FasterEFT himself, means that you are getting information and teachings directly from someone who holds a complete understanding on why you have problems. But that doesn’t stop there, you have a chance to collapse your problems and become free.

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