Feeling Worthless? Allow FasterEFT to Boost Your Self-Worth

You’re so good at being mean to yourself. You go the gym to work out, but you find yourself looking for people who look better than you, just to beat yourself up. In your mind, you mentally and emotionally beat yourself up.

If you’re at work, you’ll find some reason, some way to demean yourself. You might think that the boss doesn’t like you, or doesn’t think you do good work. In every area of your life, you will find ways and reasons that confirm your low opinion of yourself.

Now we’d like to invite you to look at what you’re doing. Observe yourself. You’re beating yourself up. So where does this idea come from? It goes back to your childhood. Perhaps your mother did exactly the same thing to herself, and you picked it up, thinking that was the norm.

Let us explain further using the FasterEFT belief system. We have these movies in our minds, and we replay them. Suppose your mother received a gift from your father, but she didn’t like it, or think it was good enough and started to have an argument with your father right then and there.

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You have this memory ingrained in your mind, to be used as a reference. And that happened when you were ten years old. Now as you grew up, you kept replaying that scene over and over again. For you, that’s become something “normal” and you think everyone functions that way, so you started behaving that way as well.

When you replay and rehearse this movie, guess who’s hurting you? You!

You become your mother and your father in your memory. The interesting thing is, this is an affirmation within yourself, saying this is what I want. Even though consciously you keep saying you don’t, but you keep replaying it over and over again. It’s an affirmation! It’s affirming a belief system. When you see it happen inside you, you unconsciously start acting the way you don’t want.

You can change yourself!

The great news is, since this is all held within you, you can change it! FasterEFT believes it’s what we play in our minds that determines who we are and what we attract! We’ve been conditioned to do this – think negatively about ourselves. So what we want to help you with is de-conditioning that thought and teach you how to love yourself.

Every deed, action, situation – is come from a higher place within you. Love yourself, for the amazing human being you are, from your inner being. Keep it pure, keep it clean. As you learn to love your inner self, you will automatically start loving the outer self.

How you interact with those around you, especially your loved ones, is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. How you treat them is also impacting and training them to become like you. Your emotions and your feelings are the key – once you clear those up, everything is golden.

Robert often jokes and says that one of the best ways to heal yourself is to think about your in-laws, children, spouses. These relationships will reflect what you think of yourself. Whose reaction is it?

It’s yours. You’ll notice that when you start to heal yourself, you won’t beat yourself up so much. Sure you may have the occasional negative thought, but in general you’ll learn to be kind to yourself.

We’re not saying you’re going to become this ultra-confident person overnight. You have to keep addressing your fears, emotions and issues and keep tapping on them everyday. You’ll slowly start to see changes, and you’ll observe that you’re not complaining about things as much in your mind as you used to.


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Nothing will change until and unless you change

So if someone stirs up your stuff, you can blame them or own up to the fact that you’re really doing it to yourself. We try to project our problems onto other people, saying so and so hurt me for this reason.

But the reality is, we are reacting a certain way to what is happening. This common denominator will always stay the same, no matter where you work, with whom, where you live, who your parents are etc. you will keep feeling the same basic feelings, unless you use FasterEFT to clear them and flip them.

You’ve got these memories from the past that you use as a reference to paint every person you see. If someone hurts you or angers you, remember, you are the one with the power to change how you react to the situation.

How the world works – FasterEFT breaks it down

This is how the majority of the human population has been programmed – you’re a baby, you’re innocent, and you don’t understand anything. You’re raised by a pair of parents, or maybe you were raised in an orphanage.

So you’re raised in this environment by people who also have problems. Where did they get their problems? From their childhood and so on and so forth. Most people have low self esteem. What is self esteem? According to Robert, self esteem is how we esteem ourselves from our experiences, attitudes and emotions, whether good or bad.

So the people who raise you have self esteem problems. Maybe they feel like they’re not smart enough, strong enough, successful enough, pretty enough, brave enough, wealthy enough, whatever it is.

And they interact with a child, trying to raise him/her. The child automatically starts mimicking their behaviors, emotions, and attitudes. It becomes an intertwined energetic system, and as the child grows up, he/she learns to respond and interact with the world in the same way as the people who raised him/her.

The bizarre part is, everything around us supports and validates that belief system. TV shows constantly show you series that say you’re a bad person for doing this, you should feel guilty for wanting that, talking badly about ourselves, conflict is good etc.

Then you go to school and your teachers, who are also human, have been programmed the same way since their birth. They too have their problems. And the teachers are always criticising you, telling you what you did wrong, etc. so wherever you go, whether it’s your parents, guardians or teachers – they all have the same basic belief system.

And most people do not say nice things to themselves.


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Why is that so?

Because we have had bad experiences and we didn’t know how to release the emotional charge. What’s unique about FasterEFT belief system that it shows you the way to heal yourself. The way to heal yourself is:

  1. Go inside
  2. Look for the memories, emotions, experiences that have negative feelings attached to them. 3. Then you use FasterEFT and tap on them till they have no emotional charge and the flip them to a positive one. That’s referred to as memory reimprinting.


Now again, where does low self esteem come from? From within you. So you can boost your self esteem and get a new estimate of yourself with FasterEFT memory reimprinting and other techniques.

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