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Flooding of Memories and Emotional Overwhelm: A Therapist’s Perspective

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT  – Oct 8, 2012

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What do you do when you have an overload of memories while you’re tapping?

Often when people start using the FasterEFT method of tapping they are flooded with memories or emotional overwhelm. This is very common at the beginning of your tapping.  It’s okay to slow down the process. Start by making a list and write down the memory. Ask yourself what you feel about the memory and write this down too. This list will create an order for you to follow on your tapping journey. This is what we refer to as the †˜Peace List’ in FasterEFT.  Your happy journal will have all of your flips and peaceful memories on it; this is where you write all the good new memories you create.

The key is to aim, associate to the memory, and tap on it. You can tap on the feeling of overwhelm, the fear that you will screw something up or that you won’t be able to handle it. Go slow and begin by tapping on your fears around tapping. You want to go in and out of your problem trance and your peaceful place. Pull yourself out of the trance and the memory and then go back inside. This process serves to de-fractionate and break up the bad memory.

Robert recommends that you stick with the original memory even when you are flooded with other memories. It is important to stay with the original memory and clean it up. Usually the others will fade. You can go to the memories that pop up and then come back to the original one, just make sure that you clean up the original memory until you have flipped it to a positive one. Click here to learn more about flipping and re-imprinting memories.

Abreactions are common and are something you may experience while tapping or afterwards. This can include feeling angry, feeling sick, feeling euphoric, etc. This is nothing to worry about, they will pass, or you can tap on them as well. Remember that everything is an opportunity to tap, even the feeling that there is too much to tap on. Tap on the overwhelm until that changes too.

FasterEFT is different than traditional talk therapies. It is not insight based and with these tools we are able to heal ourselves, and let go of the painful memories of our pasts, rather than just simply understanding them. Tapping is an investment in yourself. Remember that everything inside of you is just you. Clean up what you hold inside of you. Spend time in a beautiful place and tap on yourself. This is the best investment you can make!

The goal of FasterEFT is to clean out the bad memories you hold inside and replace them with peaceful and happy new memories. You will know you have hit the jackpot when you find the scariest spot, the place where you most want to avoid. This is where your greatest healing is. You can tap on this from afar and keep addressing it until it doesn’t feel so big and scary. You can knock it down from a distance before you ever even step into it. Do the essentials, †˜the grunt work’, by tapping on all the parts and pieces that scare you about this memory. Even though it may feel like it will take a long time, it will shift! Stick with it, be persistent, tap until it is gone or until you pass out!


Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT



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