Forgetting the Past with Faster EFT

Faster EFT is one of the most effective ways of freeing ourselves from the past. The past is over, so why doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? Traumatic and hurtful experiences leave their mark long after the event itself has passed. Emotional trauma literally changes the brain. In addition to this, the subconscious files its interpretation of the experience – to serve as a foundation of “evidence” for the future.

These are more than just memories; these are references that determine our choices, decisions and behaviors throughout our lives. Forgetting the past with Faster EFT changes those references, and frees you from the same recurring patterns and traps.

faster-eft-changing-the-pastHow the Past Affects You Today

The truth is, the only moment that is real is the present one. The past has gone, and the future isn’t here yet. The only moment you have complete control over is now. And it’s what you choose to do with now that makes all the difference to your quality of life! Every time you remember an experience of physical, emotional, or psychological trauma, you are putting yourself through the event again. The event is not happening right now; but since your brain and body cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination, they will react as if it is happening right now.

The people and circumstances that put you through the original experience are no longer here – they cannot fit inside your head, it’s only you in there! So, who’s doing it to you now?

Every time you recall that emotional trauma, it is now you doing it to you. Because it is your thinking that is causing the physical reaction in your body. The great news about this is, it means you can also choose to stop experiencing it! You can’t change the past – it’s over – but you can choose to stop repeating it in your mind.


How Can Faster EFT Help?

It may seem difficult at first, to control your focus. You may feel that your mind has a mind of its own, and you can’t choose to ignore the horrible experience you endured.

However, FasterEFT can help you to change this. Faster EFT helps you to change the original data – the original records that your subconscious is referring to. And once those records are changed, you will find you are no longer haunted by the psychological trauma and physical trauma you’ve been carrying with you all this time.

Forgetting the past with Faster EFT is the most effective way to free yourself from the cycle of detrimental patterns and experiences. Because FasterEFT works with the subconscious, it goes directly to the source of the problem. Just like changing the program on a computer, or changing the songs you have loaded on your iPod or phone. Once Faster EFT helps you to make those changes, you will automatically be experiencing different results.

Regardless of the type of traumatic experience you’ve gone through, FasterEFT can be used to address the memories that are haunting you. The simple technique allows you to feel the feelings for the last time, and then clear them by changing the original data.

Naturally, this won’t change what happened, and you will still know what really happened; but you won’t be carrying it around with you any longer. By flipping the memories, you will be giving your subconscious new, positive and empowering data to refer to. And this will result in your making different decisions and choices, taking different action, and of course feeling completely differently – automatically.


Here’s an Example of How it Works

Jennifer is still haunted by an incident that happened when she was in school. She tries not to think about it, but it was so horrible that it has stayed with her, in the background all these years. It has affected her confidence, her health, her emotional wellbeing, relationships, and her ability to earn a decent living.

Jennifer decides to get some Faster EFT help. After learning how to use the technique, she takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and notices how she knows the traumatic event happened. It’s too scary to go to the memory; so she simply notices how she knows it happened. She feels her heart-rate increase; she feels an anxiety in her stomach; and she notices her breathing is shallow.

Jennifer simply notices these things, and then – taking her focus off the problem – she uses the FasterEFT technique to tap through the meridian points. After taking a deep breath, saying “Peace” and then going to a happy memory, Jennifer returns her focus to how she knows the traumatic event happened. She notices what’s different, and repeats the process.


The Next Step

Once the effects of the emotional trauma and psychological trauma have reduced to zero, Jennifer ventures into the memory. Forgetting the past with Faster EFT means tapping on every aspect of the event. She notices the visuals, and taps. She notices what she remembers hearing, smelling, and anything else she has recorded – and taps until it’s all changed.

By the time Jennifer has finished, the memory has flipped to something good. Instead of the traumatic event, the memory is now of a fun activity with friends. Naturally, Jennifer still knows the traumatic event happened; but it is no longer running on automatic. Her subconscious is now referring to data that provides different “evidence” of who she is and how the world works. And this has an automatic knock on effect on her confidence, health, and overall wellbeing – which of course affects all areas of her life.

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