Free Yourself from Financial Fear with Faster EFT

Conditioning Your Mental Imprints to Create Wealth

To live an extraordinary life full of money and wealth, it’s important to realize one thing.


That emotions run your life!


Emotions can make you or break you.


So if you know how to control your emotions, life can become easier to handle.


Rather than think that life is happening to you, you can make life happen for you.


This is never truer, than it is for money and wealth.


Many of you have probably learned the hard way that if you let your emotions run your life, it usually results in chaos.


Where is your emotional home?

Are you familiar with the term ‘emotional home’?


It’s a state of being you’re most comfortable with.


It can be fear, guilt, shame, anger, joy, love or any other emotion that you habitually return to.


For the majority of the people, it’s a negative emotion.


These negative emotions are usually associated with money and wealth.


Through childhood experiences, our brains have become trained to associate those emotions with money and wealth.


These experiences happened to us, and were recorded in our subconscious mind.


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What are you Wired For?

The unfortunate truth is, we are not wired to be happy.


We are not wired to be free and strong.


We are wired to be anxious.


We are wired to look for what’s wrong, what danger is coming next, who’s going to hurt us.


We are wired to survive by looking for the next animal or natural event that could harm us, through millions of year of evolution.


However, now with modern day conveniences, we don’t have to worry about being eaten by an animal.


The new “threat” we have to look out for is – financial loss, personal failure, being in debt, not finding true love, paying bills, taking care of our children, making ends meet, buying that house, paying for that car, not having enough money and wealth etc.


As a result of all these pressures and our evolutionary brain, we are constantly looking for what can go wrong next.


Through NO fault of our own.


It’s all unconscious.


This kind of fear living serves us when we’re crossing a busy street while talking on our mobile phones.


But constantly living in a state of fear and stress is not good for the body or mind.


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And it’s definitely not good for money and wealth.

You Choose to be Happy, not your Brain

It’s your job to make yourself happy.


Since your brain is designed to live in fear, it’s up to your conscious self to make the changes you want to see.


Those changes in your money and wealth happen by consciously making the choice to reprogram your subconscious mind, by replacing fear with empowerment.


It’s your beliefs about money and wealth are keeping you from financial independence.


Just as your beliefs about relationships, jobs, the economy, your spouse, partner, children, boss etc. reflect outwardly in your life.


Have you ever had one of these thoughts –


“Money is the root of all evil”,


“People get rich by being greedy”,


“They’re just trying to rip me off”,


“Only crooks get rich because they lie,”


No matter what you believe about money, if it has a negative meaning attached to it, chances are you will have a negative experience with money and wealth.


All your conscious dreams and desires to get rich will never be realized until you clean up these unconscious beliefs.

How can I clear my unconscious beliefs for Money and Wealth?

With Faster EFT!


It is important to understand that most of our beliefs were formed during our childhood and were not chosen consciously.


They are a product of our environment – our parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, neighbors, relatives etc.


But this doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to those unconscious beliefs.


The great news is, you can choose what to believe NOW.


So Faster EFT helps in allowing you to let go of beliefs that do not serve you, and replace them with beliefs that do.


For example, you can choose to believe the following about money –


“I am a money magnet”,


“Abundance falls to me in an avalanche”,


“Everything I touch turns to gold”, etc.


So how do you actually replace those beliefs?


With the FasterEFT tapping technique.


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Whatever challenges you’re experiencing regarding money and wealth, you could not be experiencing them if there was no structure in your subconscious that supported them.

If you’re experiencing it, your subconscious contains “proof” of some kind.

You may not know what that proof is – and fortunately, you don’t need to know, since FasterEFT works directly with the subconscious – simply notice what you do know; that is how you aim.

Transform Yourself Series: Mind Over Money – Unlock the door to Abundance


Do you feel lucky?


Do you believe in luck?


Do you believe you’re a lucky person?


Or do you look at all those people who have all the financial freedom and security they could need, and wish you could be that lucky?


Here’s the TRUTH: It’s not luck.


Those “lucky” people, just like you, and just like everyone else, are simply producing results based on what they currently hold in their subconscious.


And the GREAT NEWS is that it can be changed!

Do You Want to Keep It?


Most people who complain about their money problems have no real desire to change them.


It may bother them, but not enough to actually do something about it.


They get to keep the problems, and continue to complain.


On the other hand, there are those who would do whatever it takes to change their money problems (and may have already been trying, through other methods), but just haven’t had the right help, support, information and tools.

Now, we know that, since you’re reading this, you are not one of the complainers.
How much you really want to change your money problems, however, depends on what you choose to do now.
If you really want to get to the root cause of whatever money problems you have, and be guided through making those changes, then this is your chance to give yourself that gift!

Book your seat: Yes, I want to be Financially Free!


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