How to Get Rid of a Fantasy Addiction Through Faster EFT

Let’s face it; we could all see places in our life where we would like things to better. Whether it’s our professional, social or romantic lives, we can all see a more ideal vision. We all have secret fantasies about our perfect life, or how we would shape the world if we could – perhaps with a superpower, the sudden appearance of the perfect partner or a surprising string of events that pulls you on an incredible adventure. 

Visualization and fantasizing can be powerful when put to the right use; they can help us to see our dreams and make a compelling vision to take us there. Fantasy and visualization can be a sign that of having the ambition and drive to want more, to think bigger.

However, when a person has that craving, the body can get fulfillment in two ways: they can strive in the real world to make their life better, or they can imagine the world where everything goes exactly as they want it too. The problem comes, for some people, because the human reward system can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

How to Get Rid of a Fantasy Addiction

What’s holding me back?

So why do some people strive, while others don’t? One of the reasons is the way the brain perceives the easiest path. Those who succeed won’t see the substitution as an option and will strive for success because they can see it within their grasp, while those who choose fantasy, will do so because they can’t see their real-life path clearly; the road is clouded by fear, anxiety or other negative emotions.

When we allow these dark emotions to put us in a state of fear, we turn to our anesthesia, and we run away from our problems – to the point that it can have an extremely detrimental effect on our lives; and instead of charging towards our future we cower from it. It’s not that we are weak; we are simply being kept safe by the subconscious.

The subconscious records that tell us that making those changes in real life would be life threatening cause us to keep turning to the substitution until those daemons can be vanquished. Now, naturally, most of the time those emotions are not at all life threatening; but in modern civilization we rarely have to fear for our life the way our ancestors did. Most of our biggest stressors are around embarrassment or failure.

How do I Know if I’m a Fantasy addict?

Just because you enjoy a lot of fantasy, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a fantasy Addict. You will know if you are addicted when it has a major effect on your life and you use it as an escape. When do you escape to fantasy? How is your life affected by this habit? How is your personal life affected by it? How do you feel when you think about never going there again? Is there something you are using it to escape from?

Dealing with Emotions Associated with Fantasy Addiction

The emotions that result from an addiction to fantasy can include fear, shame, guilt and anxiety. Fear of failing to meet expectations; when we have pressure placed on us to perform, the way we respond relies heavily on how we perceive ourselves. Whether we run or charge can change depending on our past experiences.

Similarly feelings of anxiety or inadequacy are often deeply rooted on past experiences we aren’t aware of; and very rarely are they well founded. Shame can cause an equally significant problem. Unfounded feelings of shame and low self-esteem can lead us to fear even our own success or a desire to run away from who and where we are out of self-loathing.

The good news is: all of these emotions are caused by false beliefs held in the subconscious. Changing those original records will result in addiction being removed by the root.

How do I Fix it?

Take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think about your life without fantasy – in other words, think about how your life would be if you never engaged in fantasy again. Notice how that feels, and what thoughts come to you. Take notice of any memories that come up that provide negative representations of “real life”.

Make a note of everything that comes up and how it makes you feel. Then, use the FasterEFT process to address each of those memories, thoughts and feelings. Make sure you keep going until the memory has completely flipped. For more information on how and why this is essential, read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT.

As you go through these memories, you may find more come up – memories that have various negative emotions attached. Use FasterEFT to flip each one.  Once you’ve worked your way through those memories, it is important to maintain what you’ve just achieved. Whenever something comes up in your life that bothers you, use FasterEFT in the moment, to clear and flip it. If you’re in public or can’t tap physically for some other reason, use Mental Tapping instead.

The Key to Success:

When you find yourself tempted to use fantasy to escape feeling bad in the moment, take the opportunity right then to address the bad feeling. Feel the feeling for the last time. Notice how it feels, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is. Notice any thoughts or memories that are coming up with it. Then use FasterEFT (mental tapping if necessary) right then, in the moment, to clear it. THEN go to fantasy if you still want to – but only because you enjoy it, not because it helps you escape the pain or boredom of your real life. You have the power to turn your life around – if you want to and you’re prepared to do what it takes.

By choosing to use FasterEFT in the moment to clear your emotional and mental pain before you go on to enjoy fantasy, you will take control over your life – and you will find that all areas of your life start to transform in ways you would never have expected!

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