Getting to Know Your Authentic Self with Faster EFT – While You Keep Your Breakfast

Despite the fact that we live with ourselves, most of us are strangers to ourselves. Getting to really know you, who you are, and how you work, is the only way to create real and lasting changes in any area of your life. Fortunately, this doesn’t take much effort or detective work; all it takes is an increase in awareness.

Start becoming more aware of your body in the moment, throughout the day; and then simply use the FasterEFT technique right then, in the moment, to flip absolutely anything that doesn’t feel good (no matter how small, faint or insignificant it may seem – nipping it in the bud is the most effective way to transform your life).

Getting to Know Yourself and Keeping Your Breakfast

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Get the Results You Want

Set a reminder for yourself every hour. You could make that every half-hour, or every two hours – whatever time interval suits you; but the more frequent the reminder, the faster the changes. When you hear or see the reminder, stop whatever you’re doing for a moment, and just notice how you’re feeling right then. It needn’t take long.

Do a quick scan of your body – just notice how each part of your body is feeling. Is there any pain, fatigue, stiffness, tension, pressure, nausea, fear, anxiety? All emotions are felt in the body – somewhere in the body.

Notice. And then, if you’re not feeling absolutely fabulous, use the FasterEFT process right then, in that moment, to tap out and flip whatever it is that doesn’t feel good.

How to Not Look Weird

Although many of us are perfectly comfortable with our “weirdness” and don’t care what others may be thinking, for those who are more self-conscious: If you are in public and you don’t want to tap physically, use Mental Tapping.

How to Not Crash

If you are driving a vehicle, or doing anything else that requires you to keep your eyes open and your hands occupied, you do not need to close your eyes or take your hands off the wheel in order to scan your body and tap. With your eyes still wide open, and while you continue to pay attention to the road, you can notice how your body feels. Then, use mental tapping until you feel great.

What Was That About Breakfast?

Back in 2011, Robert G. Smith, founder of the FasterEFT was having a great time, learning scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He was doing great, and enjoying it; however, on the first day he went out on the boat, he took himself by surprise by losing his breakfast.

As he shares in the video below, because he wasn’t paying attention to how his body was feeling, he didn’t spot the early warning signs of feeling queasy. If he had been more aware of how his body was feeling in the moment, he would have felt the slight nausea as it started, and he would have been able to tap it out in that moment – and kept his breakfast!

The Accumulative Effect

The more you practice checking in with yourself by deliberately becoming aware of how your body is feeling in the moment, the more natural that habit becomes.

You will eventually no longer need the reminders (those are just your “training wheels”) – you will automatically and naturally get to know yourself and your body better; and you will automatically and naturally be aware of how you’re feeling in the moment.

The Benefits of Getting to Know You

As you become more aware of how your body is feeling in the moment, you will be able to not only prevent problems from developing in that moment; you will also be changing the records that are held in your subconscious. Over time, as you become better and more consistent in tapping out whatever bothers you in the moment, you will notice changes in your life – for the better – that you never would have expected or thought possible.

Consistency is the key – use the reminders until it becomes a natural and automatic part of your day.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith

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