The Ground Rules about Changing Memories with FasterEFT

FasterEFT is a methodology that holds a complete understanding on how and why memory reimprinting is necessary to create positive life transformations.

Here are the ground rules – A memory is recorded across the cortex. It’s not the real experience. Inside the memory, it has components that make it seem real – visual constructions, feelings, auditory constructions and maybe taste and smell.

We can change our experience of a memory through FasterEFT tapping. The reason is because our brain gives meaning to it. For example, a child has fond memories of going to apple orchards with his/her grandparents. The child remembers the fun, the laughter, the love.

Ground Rules about Changing Memories with FasterEFTHe/she remembers how the apple picking was a time of bonding. As a result, as this child grows into an adult, he/she has a special fondness for eating apples. Because that child, gave a special meaning to apples. The apple is associated with good feelings and feel good chemicals.

When we address a memory, we address how we encode it in our mind. It’s not the real memory, it’s a distorted version of it, because time dulls the memory. So you go to the actual memory, and you change how it’s internalized or represented to you.

Suppose you feel abandoned or rejected because of an experience. And now you’ve decided you don’t want to feel rejected or abandoned because you’ve been to a FasterEFT seminar, or listened to one of Robert’s videos.

So what people usually try to do is find an alternative. You find a positive memory. Now your brain has two experiences, a positive and negative one. In order for your behavior to change from feeling rejected to feeling accepted, your brain needs to have one dominant memory to draw from.

That means the original memory, that one defining experience that made you feel rejected/abandoned has to be changed into an empowering one.

The ground rules about memories and reimprinting them Robert Smith explains. from Faster EFT on Vimeo.


Well how do we do that? Now it’s important to note that the original is not the original memory either. What does that mean? That means that at the time that experience was happening, it was based on your perceptions at the time.

That’s why that experience came to be defined as negative or positive by YOU. Because you chose to see it that way, based on how you perceived the world at the time.

Neurologically speaking, if you have a bad memory and a good memory, they have to merge and change the original bad memory into a good one. That means the good feelings have to override the bad ones. That’s how change in the memory occurs and subsequently, in your behavior.

Some people say, “I’m just going to be positive and ignore all the bad stuff.” Well, if you ignore the bad memory, where does it stay? It stays within you. It doesn’t really matter how much you pretend that it’s not there, it will still stay within your mind. You can temporarily shift your focus onto another activity, like drinking, smoking, snorkeling, playing with your kids etc. But after a while, your thoughts will wander back to that bad memory, and you’ll feel bad again. That’s because by ignoring it, you didn’t get rid of it. It’s still present within you.


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Neurologically, you have to change the information within the memory itself. Now the biggest reason people don’t achieve change, is because they don’t want to change that negative memory. You may be asking why. The reason is – that memory has VALUE.

That memory has connections with people, places, things and security. And if you choose not to change that bad memory, you choose to keep experiencing the same bad feelings. Because if you were to look at your mind in a logical, practical way, your brain works just like a computer.

If you put a virus into a computer, it will destroy all the files stored on your hard disk, it will disrupt how your computer works, it will cause damage. On the other hand, if you choose to keep your computer healthy by installing anti-viruses and firewalls, then your computer will function smoothly.

That bad memory is a program on how to feel bad, act badly, date people that treat you badly, work with bad people – that’s been fed into the computer that is your brain. And you feel bad everytime you think about that original memory.

By changing the bad memories, you are not changing the past. Why? Because the past doesn’t exist. It’s gone and all you have is the present moment. We carry our pasts with us in the form of memories because they give meaning to our world, our personality and our current perception of reality.

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