What Happens to Your Brain with Faster EFT?

Faster EFT is a powerful stress busting process that transforms the mind with incredible benefits for the whole body. In times when you get overwhelmed, the Faster EFT process will allow you to reset your mind, feel calm and realign to wellness. As you go along and learn more, you will learn how to take control your thoughts and reprogram those that negatively impacts your health.

What happens to the brain with Faster EFT?

The brain is the physical aspect of the mind. In short a mind in peace will have peaceful brain functions resulting to peaceful behavior of the body. A mind in chaos will also have chaotic brain functions and signal the release of stress hormones that have negative impact to one’s health.

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At the core of Faster EFT, changing your thought process ultimately changes your perception. Robert Smith developed Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations through collection of new cutting-edge techniques.

Faster EFT integrates the most effective elements of the following:

  • EFT
  • BSFF or Be Set Free Fast
  • NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Spiritual Understanding
  • Science
  • Mind’s great ability to transform itself

The primary goal of Faster EFT is to get to the root of what is causing disturbances in the mind. Not only is it effective in addressing and healing disorders but it contributes to the overall well-being of an individual who practices.

Once the mind achieves calmness, the brain functions go back to normal, which eventually stops the signals for release of stress hormones and other body chemicals, improving blood circulation throughout the body. Once the brain achieves normal function, the individual can then function normal in any given circumstances level-headedly.

What Part of the Mind Does Faster EFT Focus On?

Faster EFT understands that the root of all problems resides at the subconscious mind. Some may think that all our mental and physical functions are done consciously. In reality, all conscious decisions are directly related to our subconscious. All the data we have collected from our earliest memories are stored at the subconscious being used as reference for all our conscious choices and decisions, big and small.

In other words, taking control of the subconscious will allow an individual to ultimately take control over their lives. Faster EFT believes that in mastering our minds we have the ability to stop our tendencies to be emotionally ill, physically sick and restore vitality in mind, body and spirit. Getting started with Faster EFT is very simple.

Faster EFT is Not a Very Elaborate Process

What sets Faster EFT apart from other forms of modality that may seem similar is its simplicity but offers profound results. Faster EFT does not require any equipment and can be practiced wherever you may be. Robert Smith was well versed on the needs of common people even though they are going through complex hurdles in life. There is a quick 5 step process explained in the infographic below. But a more precise explanation can be found in this FREE course.


Does It Really Work?

Depending on the area of your life you wish to work on, Faster EFT will definitely work if you allow it to and continually practice it. Recently, Robert just finished the Las Vegas Training this October 2016 and a hypnotist, NLP and experienced life coach who has been an avid follower of Faster EFT for years had his chance to attend and meet Robert for the first time. He wasn’t only thrilled, in the following video he shares how even as a life coach how he struggled with anxiety and other problems and only Faster EFT was able to free him.

Can you imagine being in pain for 26 years? Juli who was diagnosed of fibromyalgia has been in pain for decades. No amount of medication seemed to help and she was in constant battle to remain healthy. It was only recently when she discovered Faster EFT after her sister introduced her to EFT.

Luckily, her searches online brought her to Robert’s Videos in YouTube and was able to gain access to free resources offered by Faster EFT. She also attended the most recent seminar and she was able to tap her way to freedom from an incapacitating illness. She shares her journey to wellness in the video below:

Luke and Juli in the videos above are just among the huge population of people who have been helped by Faster EFT and until now benefiting from it.

Browse through the Faster EFT courses or find a practitioner who can assist you through your journey to wellness and abundance.

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