Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Whether you were actually born on this date or not, I’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday! It’s time to start celebrating the amazing, unique miracle that is you! Every day is your birthday because you are always evolving, improving and remaking yourself. Today you are an improved version of yesterday’s you. And as you recognize, acknowledge and celebrate that fact, you accelerate your transformation. Appreciating and celebrating the new you every day creates a powerful momentum.

Happy Birthday from Robert G. Smith

What Would You Like for Your Birthday?

If you could choose, what birthday gift will you give to yourself today? What would you give to someone you really love? You have the power to grant your own birthday wishes. All it takes is a shift in perspective. For your birthday today, choose to see yourself as someone special. You are the only one who has been with you all your life, and who really knows what it’s like to be you. Show your appreciation by starting with a shift in perspective, to truly appreciate yourself. Treat yourself as you would a loved-one.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is a week’s worth of birthday gift ideas for yourself. Try this for just 7 days, and notice the changes in your life. And as you do, you’ll come up with your own new and exciting ideas for birthday gifts for yourself.

Day One

A Change of Perspective

Take a moment to look at yourself as a separate person. If you were someone you loved, how would you see yourself? If you were to treat yourself the way you would treat someone precious to you, how would you treat you? And if you were as kind to yourself as you are to those you love, how would you see yourself?

Day Two

Retro Birthday Trip

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and see yourself as a child. It doesn’t matter what age you are, just notice what comes. Now, give that little you a surprise birthday gift. Give that little you whatever he or she really wants. Notice the delight and joy on that child’s face. Then hug that little you tightly. And love them just as you know they needed to be loved. Be your own loving parent.

Day Three

Granting Your Own Wishes

Make a list of the things you would like most. From physical items and changes in circumstances, to health and relationships. If you could have anything you wanted for today’s birthday, what would it be? Now, start with the gift that is most valuable to you – the thing you want most – and notice how you feel about it. Notice what happens inside you when you think about it. Notice any doubts, worries, resistance, anger, despondency, and any other negative emotions and thoughts. You may feel you can’t have it because of the cost; or you may feel it’s impossible to be free from this particular ailment or circumstance. Just notice. Now, use the FasterEFT technique to address each of those concerns, doubts, and any other negative thoughts or emotions. Keep going until you have completely flipped them, and having your wish seems not only possible, but inevitable!

Day Four

Taking Care of You

Today, wish yourself a Happy Birthday by doing something for yourself that you have only ever done for others. Do something kind, generous and caring that you would normally do for those you love for special occasions or to help cheer them up.

Day Five

The Gift of Health

Happy Birthday! What could you do to improve your health and vitality? What do you know you should do, but either resist or don’t have the time or energy for? Don’t do it just yet. Just think about it. And as you think about doing it, notice what happens inside you. Notice any feelings of resistance, tiredness, fear, anxiety and anything else that is stopping you from doing it. Then use FasterEFT to clear whatever is standing in your way. Keep going until it flips, and you can’t wait to do it. Then, use FasterEFT in the moment when you need it.

For example: If you know that a new exercise routine would improve your health, strength and vitality, make a list of the reasons you haven’t done it yet. Not enough time, too tired, other priorities etc. Now, go through the list (starting with the most important reason) and use FasterEFT to tap on those reasons until they flip. You’ll know you’re done when you can’t wait to start your exercise routine. And although it may seem impossible right now – you WILL feel that way, as long as you use the technique until those reasons flip. Even if you don’t believe it right now, just try it and see! Then, when you start to do it, if there is any resistance, make sure you use FasterEFT in that moment to clear it so that you can go ahead with it happily and easily!


Day Six

The Gift of Happiness

Today, get yourself a journal, and start making a note of things you love and that make you happy. Write in it: happy memories; your favorite songs; people you love; people who love you (include yourself of course!) and why they love you; and anything else that feels good. For more ideas for this Happy Journal, read: What is a Happy Journal?

Day Seven

The Value of You

Happy Birthday! And Congratulations! You’ve given yourself a birthday gift every day for seven days! Notice how you feel. Today, your birthday gift to yourself is to make a list of the things you love about yourself. This may seem difficult at first, but once you start, it will get easier. Add to this list, the things you wish you were. Include traits and aspects you admire in others that you wish were in you.

Now, go through that list (starting with whatever is most important to you) and notice how you feel as you think about each item. Read the description you’ve written, and notice what happens inside you. Then, use FasterEFT to tap until whatever bothers you flips. You may need to do this over a period of time – address one trait each day if necessary – but be sure to keep going until you can read through that list and feel fabulous about every item on it.

Future Birthdays

Now you’ve done the experimental week of daily birthday gifts to yourself, and you’ve started to see the effects. The biggest and most important birthday gift you can give yourself at this point is the gift of continuing to celebrate the wonder that is you every day. Continue to treat yourself as you would a loved one on their birthday, every day. And as you do this, you will be amazed at the changes and unexpected transformations you’ll experience in all areas of your life!

Happy Birthday!

Peace and Love Robert G. Smith

My Grandmother's 90th Birthday Feb. 14 2017


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